FN Rush 9Ti Titanium Suppressor for FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistols: Versatile, Reliable, and Quiet!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

June 19, 2023

We almost forgot about this one. FN didn’t just introduce a whole bunch of new combat/tactical pistols and rifle/carbines (see “Related Articles” section below). Oh, no. They also introduced a very cool new titanium pistol suppressor (silencer/sound suppressor) called the FN Rush 9Ti that’s designed to attach to their FN 509 Tactical 9mm pistols, and it makes for some pretty sweet combo packages, as it’s DefenseReview’s (DR) understanding that the Rush 9Ti will attach to both the FN 509 Tactical and FN 509 Compact Tactical models.

According to FN America, the FN Rush 9Ti “was perfected to maintain the exceptional accuracy, cycling reliability and high durability FN 509® owners expect”. Not only that, but the Rush 9Ti’s advanced booster assembly “reduces gas jetting rearward and just keeps running, no matter the host pistol or factory ammo chosen”. Sounds pretty good.

The following information on the Rush 9Ti comes directly from the FN America website:

Ensures reliable feeding and extraction across most ammunition types. The FN Rush 9Ti works with the factory-standard FN 509 Tactical sights and most co-witnessing MRD height sights, with an included piston and wave spring to direct mount to handgun barrels threaded ½” x 28. A tight piston gas seal contains carbon fouling in the baffle core, keeping hot gases out of your face.

Most pistol suppressors increase felt recoil and change the timing of the slide cycling, creating malfunctions. The advanced booster assembly cuts blowback and maintains the original slide speeds, producing a repeatable and smooth shooting experience without the cycle failures. The FN Rush 9Ti works with the widest variety of factory-loaded ammunition from budget 9mm 115 grain ammo up to 165 grain subsonic loads.

Shooting legacy suppressors with high back pressure increases recoil and reduces the life of your pistol. The FN Rush 9Ti is made to run a high cycle count and comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty. Two stainless steel blast baffles handle the high heat and pressure, diffusing and stabilizing gasses through an aluminum baffle stack. This innovative design maintains the cycle speeds of a host pistol, limiting blowback towards the shooter.

At just 10.8 oz., [the] FN Rush 9Ti has the ultimate strength to weight ratio. With a titanium tube and aluminum baffle stack, the light, easy-to-maintain design breaks down quickly for cleaning. A trim 1.375” tube diameter clears suppressor-height iron sights, balancing an ideal dimension that maintains maneuverability when paired to a host pistol.

LENGTH: 7.3″
WEIGHT: 10.8 oz.
PISTON: 1/2″x28 TPI


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Company Contact Info:

FN Commercial Sales
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and FN Military Sales
PO Box 9424
McLean, VA 22102
Toll Free: 1-800-635-1321
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US Website: https://fnamerica.com
International Website: https://fnherstal.com/en/

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FN Rush 9Ti Titanium Suppressor for FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistols: Versatile, Reliable, and Quiet! by

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