FN 545 Tactical: Striker-Fired, Optics and Suppressor-Ready .45 ACP Combat/Tactical Pistol: 18+1 Rounds of Firepower!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

May 17, 2023

And, just to round out DefenseReview’s (DR) coverage of FN America’s products at SHOT Show 2023, we give you the striker-fired FN 545 Tactical .45 ACP pistol that’s both optics and suppressor-ready. The FN 545 Tactical gives you an “unmatched” 18+1 rounds of firepower, which is A LOT of .45 ACP firepower at the ready for any tactical problem you may face, whether it be home-defense, or just self-defense. The steel magazines are nickel-coated to prevent corrosion and aid in reload speed.

The FN 545 Tactical provides the end-user with the same grip ergonomics of the FN 509 Tactical pistol. The trigger is listed at 5.5 – 7.7 lbs (we’re hoping it’s indeed closer to 5.5 lbs). It’s being marketed as being “approximately 6 lbs” in the corporate literature, and having a clean break for accurate shots. DR can’t remember how the trigger felt to us at the show. Anyway, the pistol’s barrel is 4.71 ” (inches), and is hammer-forged and target-crowned.

As you can see in the video we shot below, the FN 545 Tactical pistol in the video is outfitted with a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro MRD (Mini Red Dot) combat optic and a SureFire X400U (Ultra) WeaponLight tactical white light with laser.

The following information comes directly from the FN America website:


Introducing the all-new FN 545 Tactical. Forged to defend your homefront with an unrivaled 18+1 capacity, red-dot-ready slide and a crisp trigger. Discover what other big bore pistols want to be when they grow up.



Home or away, the FN 545™ Tactical is built to adapt to any situation. Equipped with FN’s patented Low-Profile Optics Mounting System™ that is compatible with every major optics footprint, shooters can direct-mount nearly any optic in minutes. The tritium inserts in the suppressor-height 3-dot night sights co-witness with most MRDs, offering an immediate back-up sighting option. A threaded barrel accepts most comps and suppressors.


Reinventing the .45 ACP pistol started with the FNX-45, and FN has upped the ante once again on round count. The striker-fired FN 545 Tactical holds an unmatched 18+1 of .45 ACP. When the 18-rd magazine isn’t practical, an included 15-rd magazine is ready for concealed carry. Steel body magazines are nickel-coated to protect from corrosion and made for lightning-fast reloads.


Complete with a precision-tuned fire control group, the smooth trigger take-up, positive wall and clean, ≈6-pound break sets a new standard in striker-fired big bores. Every element of the FN 545 Tactical is made for down range accuracy. Paired with the hammer-forged, target-crowned barrel and MRD-ready milled slide, this powerhouse delivers tack-driving accuracy on command.


With the proven ergonomics of the FN 509 Tactical adapted to this powerhouse .45 ACP pistol, it’s purpose-built for defense, and designed to put every advantage in hand. Enhanced grip texturing, interchangeable backstraps and slide serrations enable superior control to manage the recoil of .45 ACP, offering a better in-hand feel and balance. All controls are fully ambidextrous, a hallmark of the advanced ergonomics that’s standard issue with FN Tactical pistols.”

Company Contact Info:

FN Commercial Sales
FN Law Enforcement Sales
and FN Military Sales
PO Box 9424
McLean, VA 22102
Toll Free: 1-800-635-1321
Phone: 703-288-3500
Fax: 703-288-4507
Email: [email protected]
US Website: https://fnamerica.com
International Website: https://fnherstal.com/en/

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FN 545 Tactical: Striker-Fired, Optics and Suppressor-Ready .45 ACP Combat/Tactical Pistol: 18+1 Rounds of Firepower! by

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