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Genesis Arms Gen-12 Shotgun: AR-10-Style Mag-Fed Semi-Auto Combat/Tactical Shotgun with JK Armament Suppressors 12-Gauge Shotgun Suppressor: Taran Tactical Innovations Customized Version Featured in “John Wick: Chapter 4”!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

March 11, 2023
Last edited on 3/11/23.

DefenseReview’s (DR) been doing this long enough that it’s pretty hard to get us truly excited about a firearm, but the Genesis Arms Gen-12 mag-fed (magazine-fed) semi-auto 12-gauge combat/tactical shotgun’s managed to do it, since, well, it’s an AR-10-type mag-fed semi-auto 12-gauge shotgun that appears to be reliable–and that’s a pretty big deal.

Not only that, but there’s some pretty cool 12-gauge suppressors (JK 195 SGX 12GA and JK 195 VERSAX 12ga being made by JK Armament Suppressors that’ll attach to it, Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) is making a customized version of it called the TTI JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun, and that gun will be featured in “John Wick: Chapter 4”.

There’s A LOT going on there, and it’s all good.

The Gen-12 Shotgun sports a DPMS gen-1-patterned AR-10 lower receiver mated to Genesis Arms’ proprietary 12-gauge upper receiver with right-side charging handle. Interestingly, there’s no gas system, as the Gen-12 operates via a short-recoil system with free-float reciprocating barrel.

The standard capacity magazine holds 10 rounds, but a plus-2 magazine extension is available for it, giving you a 12+1 round total capacity for battle. A prototype 15-round drum magazine is currently under development. It should be noted that there’s also a 5-round mag available, and the plus-2 mag extension is compatible with it, giving you 7 rounds.

There are several Gen-12 variants, including the Gen-12 18″ Shotgun, Gen-12 SBM 7″ SBS (Short Barreled Shotgun) SBR-type shotgun, Gen-12 SBM 10.5″ Firearm, and the aforementioned TTI JW4 Dracarys Gen-12 Shotgun.

Company Contact Info:

Genesis Arms
Phone: 208.704.2244
General Chitchat: [email protected]
Dealers and International Inquiries: [email protected]
Customer Questions and MIL/LE Discounts: [email protected]

Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI)
98 W Cochran St, Unit C
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Phone: 805-522-1911
Email: [email protected]

JK Armament Suppressors
Bruneau, Idaho
Phone: +1 208-352-0965
Dealer Sales: +1 208-598-8466
Email Customer Supportl: [email protected]
Email NFA Transfers: [email protected]

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Genesis Arms Gen-12 Shotgun: AR-10-Style Mag-Fed Semi-Auto Combat/Tactical Shotgun with JK Armament Suppressors 12-Gauge Shotgun Suppressor: Taran Tactical Innovations Customized Version Featured in “John Wick: Chapter 4”! by

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