R&R Racing Custom Saiga Mag-Fed (12+1 Rounds) Semi-Auto Tactical/Combat Shotgun

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By David Crane
defrev at gmail dot com

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February 19, 2009

The CMMG AR-type semi-auto mag-fed tactical shotgun isn’t the only cool scattergun we saw at SHOT Show 2009. R&R Racing, Inc. had a very cool customized Saiga-12 semi-auto 12-gauge shotgun (12+1 rounds). The one DefenseReview handled and photographed was the "Open Package" version built for competition, but R&R Racing also has a "Tactical Package" version (not pictured) that we discussed a few days ago with R&R’s owner/president Robert Wright by phone. We subsequently received the following email message from him:…

"From: XXX-Wright / R & R Racing, Inc.
Date: Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 11:31 PM
Subject: tactical Saiga
To: xxxx@gmail.com

The Saiga [Saiga-12 shotgun] in stock form is a good platform to start with but it is pretty crude. I needed a faster loading shotgun for competition. When I received my first saiga from Krebs Custom I realized that they had some real potential, but the parts that I wanted didn’t exist yet. So far I have designed a mag release that you engage with your shooting hand thumb. This let’s you release the mag and grab a fresh mag at the same time. I have been improving a straight-in magwell so you don’t have to rock your mags into place. All you have to do is push the mag straight in like an AR-15 and it drops straight out as well. Now, with practice you will be able to do reloads well under two seconds which completely changes how a shotgun can be used.

You can use it as a breaching gun and entry gun for CQB instead of switching to a SMG [submachine gun]. I have made a triggerguard and grip conversion so any AR-15 grip can be used. Next on the list was the stock conversion block witch allows you to use any AR-15 buffer tube and stock. I have also designed a 2 inch round handguard to replace the plastic stock unit. When you get a tactical gun from me it will feel like you are holding your AR-15.

It is tough to beat the reliability of a piston tappet gas system.

The Saigas are light and transition from target to target very fast. The reason for this is because they are short and all of the ammo is just in front of the triggerguard instead of all the way to the end of the barrel. This keeps all the weight more centrally located. As an entry gun the barrels can be shortened to 8 inches and you can still have twenty rounds in the gun. Surefire gun mags make a 12 round mag that works great. I make a coupler that attaches 2 mags together and gives you over twenty plus rounds. Carolinashooterssupply@yahoo.com also carries Saiga parts and mags.

What started as an ugly crude shotgun is now the next evolution for the shotgun. If you have any questions give me a ring. I will be all over the country this year competing in multi-gun [i.e. 3-Gun] competitions and using a Saiga. Maybe if I am in your area we can meet up and you can try one. Hope this helps with your article, I just brushed the surface."

Robert A. Wright, Pres.
R & R Racing, Inc.
PO Box 864
Lyons, OR 97358
503-551-7283 Phone
503-859-4711 Fax

The R&R Racing Tactical Package Saiga shotgun includes the following features:

– A-2 Pistol Grip
– AR-15 Style Trigger Guard
TAPCO Trigger Assembly
– Magwell
– AR-15 Stock Adapter
Vltor Modstock Collapsable Stock
– Machine Bolt to accept magazine on closed bolt
– Thumb Mag Release
– Improved Safety Lever

Mr. Wright informed Defense Review that a 20-round magazine is currently under development.  Needless to say, we’re looking forward to running the R&R Racing Saiga mag-fed semi-auto tactical shotgun a.k.a. combat shotgun as soon as possible.

Company Contact Info:

R&R Racing
503-551-7283 Office
sales@randrracingonline.com Sales Email
http://www.randrracingonline.com Website

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R&R Racing Custom Saiga Mag-Fed (12+1 Rounds) Semi-Auto Tactical/Combat Shotgun by

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