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Reach Your Target Audience (DR), is a premiere online tactical technology magazine focusing primarily on the “latest and greatest” in tactical firearms, ammunition, equipment, gear, and training for government, military and law enforcement (LE) purchasers and end-users (military SOF and LE SWAT assaulters/operators), civilian tactical shooters, competitive shooters, and tactical firearms and gear enthusiasts. In operation since 2001, DR is used as a primary research tool by Mil/LE and government decision makers and civilian tactical shooters before making big purchases, since they know they can find relevant and useful information to help them make a better-informed choice.
DR is highly respected and trusted by our readers, including Gov/Mil/LE decision makers, professional trigger-pullers (military SOF and LE SWAT assaulters/operators), civilian tactical shooters, competitive shooters, tactical firearms enthusiasts, and even airsofters and gamers around the world, due to the quality of our content and its subject matter. Therefore, if you’re looking to establish a better and more effective U.S. and global online presence for your company, tactical products, and brand, DR is definitely one of the best places on the web to do it.
Defense Review also publishes articles on cutting-edge, high-tech military defense hardware/technology, so our content also appeals to military defense industry professionals and military defense technology buffs.
If you have a tactical product and an advertising/marketing budget, we hope you’ll consider making DR part of your overall advertising and marketing strategy, as we're confident it will prove to be an effective online advertising, marketing and PR (Public Relations) tool for you.

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