Canik TTI Combat 9mm Tactical/Competition Pistol Collab Project with Taran Tactical Innnovations Gives You 18 Rounds of Race Gun-Like Firepower!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

March 17, 2024

Canik Arms launched a very interesting new 18+1-round 9mm combat/tactical/competition pistol called the Canik TTI Combat at SHOT Show 2024, and it really surprised us when we got our hands on it. The new pistol is a collab (collaboration project) between Canik and Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations, thus the “TTI“, and it’s very impressive, particularly at the sub-$1,000 USD price point Canik’s somehow managed to accomplish.

The first attributes DefenseReview (DR) notices about the Canik TTI Combat, aside from it’s good looks with sleek aesthetics, are it’s comfortable, ergonomic grip and really nice flat trigger. You really have to get the pistol in your hands to appreciate it. TTI and Canik really dialed that trigger pull in nicely, although it IS light (so, not a trigger for beginners).

The combination of the spiral-fluted barrel and compensator was also a nice surprise. And, you get 18 rounds! Frankly, DR can’t wait to get one on the range.

Defense Review shot some informative and illuminating videos on it at SHOT Show featuring Canik Brand Manager Chad Enos and Taran Butler, respectively, and we’ve taken the liberty of embedding them below for your viewing pleasure. They contain pretty much everything you need to know about the new gun. But, here’s what Canik has to say about the new Canik TTI Combat pistol:

Taran Tactical Innovations and CANiK are proud to partner to bring you the CANiK TTI Combat. Built on a completely new polymer frame designed by Taran Butler, the TTI Combat brings a one-of-a-kind performance package to the CANiK lineup. This sleek design is built by the best, for the best, and includes all the features a world champion like Taran Butler needs for success. Both internally and externally, the TTI Combat delivers uniquely aggressive grip texturing, a ported and fluted barrrel, the first CANiK compensator, a diamond cut flat-face 90 degree break trigger, TTI +3 magazine base pads, a newly designed slide release, an optics cut that even allows for a low profile seating of the MECANIK line of optics as well as the Trijicon SRO and many others, a custom holster, and travel hard case. To finish off this collectable package we’ve included a handsome collaboration coin to commemorate our lasting partnership. This partnership has created a truly superior firearm!

[Canik TTI Combat] Features:

– Patented Quick-Attach Compensator
– Aluminum Flat Trigger with a 90-Degree Break
– HIVIZ Fiber Optic Front Sight
– Mag-Well
– Performance Grip Texture
– Aggressive Front and Rear Serrations
– Aggressive Texture Slide Stop”

That’s A LOT of pistol for under $1K, and perhaps the most pistol we’ve ever seen at that price point. But, you be the judge. Here:

Company Contact Info:

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Poligon Cad. (Canik Arms, Turkey Headquarters)
Buyaka 2 sitesi No:8/B C Blok Kat:3 34771
Telephone : +90 (216) 484 42 70
Fax : +90 (216) 484 42 76
E-mail :
Kep :

Customer Support:

Arda Gedik
Telephone: +90 539 519 83 61
Email :

Taran Tactical Innovations
98 W Cochran St Unit A-C
Simi Valley, CA 93065

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Canik TTI Combat 9mm Tactical/Competition Pistol Collab Project with Taran Tactical Innnovations Gives You 18 Rounds of Race Gun-Like Firepower! by

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