Staccato CS Compact/Sub-Compact High-Capacity 9mm Concealed-Carry Combat/Tactical 1911 Pistol: 16+1 Rounds of Firepower, and Even More Compact than the Staccato C2!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

April 11, 2023

DefenseReview (DR) recently ran into our friend, competitive pistol shooting champion and legend Todd Jarrett, at the Staccato booth at SHOT Show 2023, and he was kind enough to take us through the new Staccato CS high-capacity compact/sub-compact 9mm combat/tactical 1911 pistol, as well as the slightly larger and older Staccato C2, Jarrett’s personal carry gun. We’ll cut right to the chase, the new Staccato CS, just like the Staccato C2, looks and feels fantastic, and may just be the ultimate production concealed carry (CCW) 9mm pistol, particularly for those looking for a compact-to-sub-compact 1911-platform gun–assuming it shoots as good as it looks.

That said, we’d really need to get the Staccato CS (and/or C2) on the range to be sure. In the meantime, let’s go through the important features and specs. The Staccato CS’ barrel is 3.5 inches, which is .4 inches shorter than the C2’s 4.9″ barrel. It’s Dimensions are as follows: Length: 7.1 Grip Width: 1.2, Height: 5.6 Width At Safeties: 1.45 Weight:, 22.7oz w/o Optic, Empty – No Mag. The larger C2 comes in as follows: Length: 7.4 Grip Width: 1.3, Height: 5.6 Width At Safeties: 1.5 Weight:, 25oz Empty – No Mag. So, not too much of a reduction on paper. But, in the hand, the size and weight savings are quite noticeable, and welcome for those who want an even more covert-carry, concealable pistol package. Staccato obviously did some serious research and planning in developing the Staccato CS, and it’s paid off.

Staccato gave the new CS 1911 pistol a side extractor for extra grip on the case, unlike the larger C2. DR wonders of the C2 will eventually get this feature, as well. Both guns sport a bull barrel.
Oh, and you get 3 16-round mags (magazines) with the gun, which is nice, and truly excellent mag capacity for such a compact concealed-carry pistol package, particularly one in 1911 format. And, the magazines fit flush. DR’s very pleased about this.

It gets even better, because just like with the Staccato C2, you can personalize your Staccato CS pistol quite a bit. First, you can choose whether you want a full-size front sight or a compact front sight. Then, you can choose either a standard or optic-ready slide, the latter allowing you to mount the mini-red dot combat optic of your choice.Staccato themselves can supply you with either a Holosun 507K Green Dot or Holosun 507K Red Dot optic, but you can also choose a Dawson Precision Optic System “Pat. Pend.” Tactical Kit combat optic mounting system for a Holosun 509T, Trijicon RMRcc, Trijicon RMR/SRO or Aimpoint ACRO.

For the Staccato CS’ bull barrel, you can choose between a stainless steel or Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) bull barrel. You can choose standard serrations, either an aluminum or steel frame, compensator (reuiring a threaded barrel) or no compensator, and either a curved or flat trigger (we’d probably choose the flat one, ourselves). You can also choose some kind of text or “icons and text” engraving for the slide (we think), but we don’t yet understand what that’s all about.

If you choose all the options/upgrades available, you’re looking at a $3K+ price tag, but the Staccato CS comes in at a base MSRP of $2,299.00 USD, as of this writing–so choose your options wisely.

Defense Review really wants to run both the Staccato CS and Staccato C2 at the range, and shoot some video of it when we do. However, until then, we’ll just have to leave you with the videos we shot at SHOT, below. I think you’ll agree, both guns look pretty sweet. DR’s got a feeling that they’ll indeed shoot every bit as good as they look.

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Staccato CS Compact/Sub-Compact High-Capacity 9mm Concealed-Carry Combat/Tactical 1911 Pistol: 16+1 Rounds of Firepower, and Even More Compact than the Staccato C2! by

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