Thursday, September 23, 2021

David Crane

David Crane started publishing online in 2001. Since that time, governments, military organizations, Special Operators (i.e. professional trigger pullers), agencies, and civilian tactical shooters the world over have come to depend on Defense Review as the authoritative source of news and information on "the latest and greatest" in the field of military defense and tactical technology and hardware, including tactical firearms, ammunition, equipment, gear, and training.

Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) Silencers/Sound Suppressors is Back in Business with Brand Relaunch

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com September 22, 2021 DefenseReview (DR) just found out about this. Apparently, well-known silencer/sound suppressor manufacturer Advanced Armament Corp. (AAC) is back in the game after being spun off from the great Remington Outdoor Company bankruptcy dissolution of 2020, and DR’s glad to hear it. AAC was acquired at auction by JJE Capital …

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Elbit Systems Assault Rifle Combat Application System (ARCAS): Revolutionary Combat Capability for Infantry Warfighters?

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com September 17, 2021 Israeli defense firm Elbit Systems has developed an AI rifle optic/scope called the Assault Rifle Combat Application System, or ARCAS, for short, that can potentially give infantry soldier’s a very real combat advantage. Here’s how ARCAS works, according to the company: “An AI-powered computer is integrated into the assault …

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Ruger-57 Combat/Tactical Pistol: 20+1 Rounds of 5.7x28mm Firepower!

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com September 6, 2021 DefenseReview’s (DR) first heard about the Ruger-57 5.7x28mm combat/tactical pistol in June, 2020, and we were immediately intrigued, due to the caliber, its ammo capacity (20+1 rounds), and it’s pleasing aesthetics (that means its good looks). It’s actually a significantly more attractive pistol than the original 5.7mm pistol, the …

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Blackout Defense Zero Trigger: Quick-Reset Competition/Tactical AR-15 Rifle/Carbine/SBR Trigger with Zero Pre-Travel and Zero Post-Travel!

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com August 31, 2021 Sorry for the hiatus, everyone, but DefenseReview (DR) is back, and we’re rarin’ to go. The first item on our agenda is a very interesting competition/tactical AR-15 rifle/carbine/SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) flat trigger called the Zero Trigger, and it’s manufactured by an equally interesting aerospace and military defense contractor, …

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Looking for a Handheld Electromagnetic Rail Gun? Meet the Arcflash Labs GR-1 ‘Anvil’ 8-Stage Semi-Automatic High Voltage Gauss Rifle

By David Crane Image(s) Credit: Arcflash Labs August 8, 2021 We here at DefenseReview (DR) are always suckers for futuristic weapons, particularly handheld ones. So, when the Arcflash Labs GR-1 “Anvil” 8-stage semi-automatic high voltage Gauss rifle recently came to out attention, we were admittedly intrigued. While the GR-1 “Anvil” doesn’t really look ready for prime time, yet, it’s still …

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Cobalt Kinetics Relaunched, Updated BAMF-Pro Competition/Tactical AR-15 Carbines and Pistols in the Works

By David Crane Image(s) Credit: Cobalt Kinetics July 31, 2021 Cobalt Kinetics, a company whose products DefenseReview (DR) covered quite a bit a few years ago, is relaunching and updating their BAMF-Pro series of competition/tactical carbines and pistols, and recently issued a press release to that effect, which reads as follows: Cobalt Kinetics® is BACK and BETTER than ever! July …

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Chinese Military Mounting ‘Laser Guns’ to Hypersonic Vehicles (Aircraft and Missiles) to Increase Speed and Range

By David Crane Image Credit: The U.S. Sun July 27, 2021 Well, this isn’t good. Apparently, they’ve been busy little beavers over there at Beijing’s Space Engineering University, developing a “powerful laser gun” mounted onto hypersonic missles and aircraft to increase speed (and obviously range) by cutting air resistance by 70 percent (70%) or more. According to the Chinese laser …

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DefendTex Drone40 40mm Autonomous Mini Quadcopter UAS/UAV Drone Munition: Infantry Warfare Game Changer?

By David Crane Photo(s) Credit: British MOD/Crown and July 12, 2021 A very interesting Melbourne, Australia-based company called DefendTex is making an equally interesting quadcopter-type UAS/UAV (Unmanned Aerial System/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) munition called the Drone40 that, in DefenseReview’s (DR) opinion, has the potential to be a real game changer for infantry warfare operations, due to its payload modularity and …

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Timmney Triggers Alpha Competition Series Triggers for Glock Pistols: What’s So Special About Them?…SPOILER: A LOT!

By David Crane david (at) defensereview (dot) com June 30, 2021 There’s virtually no end to how much you can mod your Glock pistol(s) nowadays. The options are seemingly endless. Companies are even making Glock pistol grip frames and slides, so you can even have a non-Glock-factory Glock-type (or, Glock clone, if you will) pistol that you either build yourself, …

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