Jeff Gurwitch’s Initial Notes on the Desert Tech Quattro-15 AR-15 Lower Receiver with 53-round Magazines!

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By Jeff Gurwitch

October 25, 2023

These are my findings in no particular order:

So I’ve had the Quattro-15 AR-15 Lower Receiver about 2 months now. The mags (magazines) they sent me are prototypes for testing. They are not drop safe, and are simply intended to test feeding function. The final/production mags will come out sometime this month, and will be drop safe.
I’ve put 400, maybe 500 rounds through one mag and 100 rounds through the othermag. The goal is to shoot 1,000 through one mag before my final verdict. So far so good. There have been no feeding issues.

This is how the gun came to me. That shorty handguard is not final. The rifle will come with a full length handguard.

I put a new handguard and flash hider on it (SureFire WARCOMP). I’ve tried 3 different uppers with the Quattro-15 lower with no issues.

I’m running a FERFRANS upper on it.

The mags have a 53-round capacity. Desert Tech went with 53 as opposed to say 55 rounds to keep the mag no longer than a standard 30-round mag.

Plus, 53 rounds won’t allow room for an extra round to be squeezed in. It was based on proper spring compression.

I like the controls, especially the right-side bolt release. With this one, you push down to operate it, unlike many other right-side bolt release you have to push in. This one feels more ergonomic. Heck, I would add it to standard ARs. The lower is ambidextrous, except for the safety lever. I added HIPERFIRE AR trigger.

Just the left side showing the ambi-mag release.

The Quattro-15 Lower sports a super-large magwell. Yes, they do offer an adaptor for standard AR mags. I am supposed to get one to test.

About the Author:
Jeff Gurwitch is retired U.S Army Special Forces (SF).
26 years active duty, 19 years with SF.
15 years’ competitive shooting experience; USPSA, IDPA and 3 Gun.

Company Contact Info:

Desert Tech
PO Box 65816
Salt Lake City, UT 84165
Phone: 801-975-7272
Fax: 801-908-6425
Law Enforcement, Domestic and International Military: [email protected]
International Commercial Sales: [email protected]
Domestic Commerical Sales and Customer Support: [email protected]
Training: [email protected]
Marketing: [email protected]
Media Contact: [email protected]

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Jeff Gurwitch’s Initial Notes on the Desert Tech Quattro-15 AR-15 Lower Receiver with 53-round Magazines! by

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