Unplugged UP Phone: The Most Secure and Private Smartphone Ever?

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

September 23, 2023

Assuming the source/manufacturer of this new device can be trusted this may be THE most important development in personal security technology since, well, the firearm. It’s called “Unplugged (UP)“, and it’s a secure smartphone that has a potential to be a real game changer that solves pretty much every security shortcoming of the Appl iPhone and Android phones. But, back to the source/manufacturer. The man behind he Unplugged smartphone is one Erik Prince of Blackwater, Xe Services, Academi and now Constellis Holdings fame. So, asuming CIA isn’t running this guy (or Mossad for that matter, since Unplugged is based in Israel), the UP Phone may just end up being the ultra secure and privae device that Prince claims it will be.

The Unplugged smartphone will feature the LibertOS “state-of-the-art operating system developed for data privacy and security” and run the UP Suite of secure smarphone apps consisting of UP Messenger, UP Antivirus and UP VPN. The UP Phone’s marketing literature claims that the user can “feel safe with the UP Phone anywhere, anytime, in any circunstances”, and that you can “set a unique code (emergency passcode) that wipes all your data and alerts your emergency contacts. Prince also claims that the “off” button is an actual kill switch. So, when you turn your phone off, it’s truly off, and you can’t be tracked while carrying it. Unplugged also claims that no one will have access to your personal data, not even them.

Again, all this hinges on Mr. Prince’s trustworthiness, and that CIA isn’t behind this (UP Phone). Who knows, maybe we should trust him on this. Time will tell, but DefenseReview’s (DR) cautiously optimistic. If the Unplugged smartphone, or “UP Phone“, is the real deal, and can be trusted, then it’s THE most important piece of handheld, portable technology since the iPhone, and possibly the most important piece of personal security technology since the invention of firearms and body armor, respectively. It’s potentially that important. It’s BIG.

So, how important are secure and private communications for you? If the answer to that is “very important” or “extremely important”, you may want to go ahead and pre-order the UP Phone. It’s currently available for $949.00 USD with a pre-order reservation deposit of $449.00 USD.

And, from the Unplugged pre-order webpage: “Each purchase includes a FREE subscription to the Unplugged App Suite until you get your UP Phone and one year thereafter, featuring the UP Messenger, the UP VPN, and the UP Antivirus (a $129.99 annual value). You’ll also receive perks including a protective case, screen protector, branded t-shirt, and Unplugged stickers.”

UP Phone Features and Specs:

“LibertOS Operating System. Designed for privacy and security
Privacy-first features: Kill Switch, Enhanced Privacy Mode
No GMS (Google Mobile Services) or Apple tracking

Operating System: LibertOS.
Capacity: 256GB + SDCard.
Display: Amoled 6.67″ Gorilla Glass FHD+ 1080×2400.
SIM Card: Dual: Nano + eSim.
CPU: Octa-core: 1x 3GHz ARM Cortex-A78. 3x 2.6GHz ARM Cortex-A78. 4x 2GHz ARM Cortex-A55.
Front Camera: 32MP.
Rear Camera: 108 MP (Main) + 8 MP (Wide) + 5MP (Macro)”

Company Contact Info:

Unplugged (UP)
3 Hakidma St.
2066731 Yoknam
Email: support@unplugged.com
Email Contact Page: https://www.unplugged.com/contact-us/
Website: https://www.unplugged.com

Toll Free: +1 866 349 1506
Phone: +1 703 673 5000
Email: info@constellis.com
Website: https://www.constellis.com

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