Shadow Systems MR920 Elite and CR920 Elite: Modular Compact and Sub-Compact Semi-Custom Glock-Type 9mm Combat/Tactical Pistols with Custom Specs!

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by David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

August 11, 2023

Speaking of cool new 9mm (9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO) combat/tactical pistols, Shadow Systems LLC out of Plano, Texas is making some very cool American-made Glock-type pistols pistols that DefenseReview (DR) enjoyed handling and learning about at SHOT Show 2023. Shadow Systems’ National Sales Manager Jerome Vinet was kind enough to show us all the features on a Shadow Systems MR920 Elite 9mm compact pistol, and then very briefly discuss the Shadow Systems CR920 Elite sub-compact 9mm pistol. However, they’ve also got XR and DR models, and all of these are displayed on the company’s website.

Right now, the two models that DR is most interested in are the concealed carry (CCW)-ready Glock 19-like compact Shadow Systems MR920 Elite (4.5″ barrel and 15+1 rounds) featured in the video below), and the very cool looking compensated sub-compact Shadow Systems CR920P Elite (3.7″ barrel and 13+1 rounds), not that all the other ones aren’t interesting as well. We just tend to generally prefer concealed carry-focused guns here at DR, since you can use them for both concealed carry AND home defense applications.

One of the best features on the gun is the modular backstrap system, that lets the end user choose their grip angle. If you want the classic Glock grip angle, they’ve got you covered. If you prefer a 1911-style grip angle, they’ve got you covered. I you like a S&W M&P/SIG Sauer-type grip angle, they’ve got you covered. Basically, you’re covered. You also get an extended beavertail grip tang, so you don’t get slide bite. Glock sure won’t do that for you.

Rounding out the grip frame features are double undercuts (trigger guard) the wraparound grip texture around the grip, and a “recoil control ledge” at the front of the frame to rest your support thumb on while shooting, for better control.

Then, there’s the “patented multi-footprint optic cut” for mini red dot combat optics, which is yet another nice and convenient feature.

All in all, these are pretty sweet little 9mm pistol packages for CCW and home defense, and DR digs ’em, assuming they go bang every time. Hopefully, DR writer/contributor and chief new-product tester Jeff Gurwitch can run them at the range for us sometime. Until then, enjoy the video we shot a SHOT below.

Company Contact Info:

Shadow Systems LLC
1001 Los Rios Boulevard, Suite 100
Plano, TX 75074 USA
Phone: 469-458-6808

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Shadow Systems MR920 Elite and CR920 Elite: Modular Compact and Sub-Compact Semi-Custom Glock-Type 9mm Combat/Tactical Pistols with Custom Specs! by

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