Kushnapup Series V Bullpup Saiga-12 Semi-auto 12-Gauge Shotgun Stock/Chassis System

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

August 10, 2010

Speaking of gas-operated semi-auto shotguns and The Firearm Blog, “Steve” also posted a short piece on the latest evolution of the Kushnapup Series V bullpup Saiga-12 stock system/chassis conversion kit for the Kalashnikov AK-style Saiga-12 box mag-fed (box magazine-fed) 12-gauge (12ga.) shotgun, so we might as well give our readers a quick heads-u on it. The bullpup stock system looks pretty cool, but Steve doesn’t provide any info on the Kushnapup bullpup’s trigger pull, which is usually one of the primary challenges and bones of contention with a bullpup weapon. So, what’s the weight and feel of the trigger pull? We don’t know. However, since the Kushnapup Saiga-12 bullpup stock system conversion only costs $199, worst case is you’re only out approx. 200 bucks, even if it doesn’t work out for ya’.

The new Kushnapup Series 5 design is sleeker and more refined than the previous iteration, and reportedly contains the requisite number of 922R parts. The stock allows the use of all available box mags and drum mags for the standard-config Saiga-12 shotgun, including the 10-round and 12-round box mags made by companies like SGM Tactical LLC and MD-20 20-round drum magazine made by MD Arms, LTD. DefenseReview’s (DR) MD-20 drum mag of choice would be the MD-20 Clear Drum mag with see-through translucent back, so one can visually keep track of one’s immediate ammo supply.

DefenseReview’s (DR) friend and professional contact Taran Butler, international 3-Gun tactical and open class champion shooter, has used a Tromix Saiga-12ga shotgun for competition in the past, but I don’t know what I’m cleared to write about his experiences with the Tromix guns and Saiga-12 base platform in the 3-Gun competition environment. The most interesting gun Tromix makes (to DR, at least) is the Tromix Saiga 12ga S17 “Micro-12 gauge” close quarters battle/close quarters combat (CQB/CQC)/door-breaching tactical/combat shotgun with 8-inch barrel, which currently comes in at $1,785 USD (Less $550 w/ customer supplied gun).

Company Contact Info:

Kushnapup LLC
P.O. Box 21
Heber City, UT 84032
account@kushnapup.com Email 1
kushnapup@gmail.com Email 2
http://www.kushnapup.com Website

Tony Rumore
Tromix Lead Delivery Systems
20039 E. 600 Road
Inola, OK 74036
918-543-3456 Office
918-543-2920 Fax
rumore@tromix.com Email
http://www.tromix.com Website

PO Box 237
Casstown, OH 45312
937-552-9383 Office
info@mdarms.com Email
http://www.mdarms Website

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Kushnapup Series V Bullpup Saiga-12 Semi-auto 12-Gauge Shotgun Stock/Chassis System by

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