Beretta 1301 Tactical Gas-Operated 12-Gauge Semi-Auto Combat/Tactical Shotgun with Super-Fast Blink Action: From Competition to Combat! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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August 12, 2014

While we’re on the subject of shotgun cans (muzzle cans, i.e., silencer/sound suppressors), we should probably mention the Beretta 1301 Tactical gas-operated semi-auto combat/tactical shotgun that John “Chappie” Chapman showed us at the Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) booth at the 2014 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, or SOFIC 2014, which looks pretty badass. Chappie took us through the gun from soup to nuts, and you can see it all on video, below.

The 1301 Tactical’s main claim to fame is that it’s a combat-modified evolutionary derivative of the Beretta 1301 Comp competition shotgun, which operates via Beretta’s proprietary, ultra-fast Blink gas-operating system, allowing the gun to not only shoot four (4) shots in less than a second (a claimed 36% faster than any other shotgun out there), but also eat and digest almost any shotgun ammo, save less-lethal rounds, since they’re under-powered. “It’ll run breaching rounds, it’ll run everything else”, says Chappie, adding that the shotgun is “very fast-cycling, and very reliable-cycling”, even with magnum rounds.

The 1301 Tactical also sports a large charging handle for fast, easy charging and malfunction clearance–if you have a malfunction. The bolt carrier release button is also very large/oversized. The carrier release button is “easy to find”, as is the large push-button safety.

Standard mag (tube magazine) capacity is 5-rounds, but a +2-round mag extension is available, giving the assaulter/operator/tactical shooter 7+1 rounds. The 18″ (18 inches) barrel features rifle sights and a short MIL-STD-1913 top rail for mounting red-dot combat optic (optical gunsight).
Oh, by the way, the Beretta 1301 Tactical shotgun comes with a shortened stock, right from the get-go, for plate-carrier (tactical vest/body armor)-wearing shooters.

It’s Defense Review’s understanding that the Beretta 1301 Tactical currently doesn’t allow the shooter to run an extra round on the carrier, a feature of the famed Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun, but we’d really like to see this feature/capability added, since it gives the shooter an extra round of ammo, and allows him/her to manually swap out rounds without feeding them from the tube. DR will thus put in a call to Beretta USA product development to find out if this is possible to do, and if they’re willing to do it. We hope so.

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Beretta 1301 Tactical Gas-Operated 12-Gauge Semi-Auto Combat/Tactical Shotgun with Super-Fast Blink Action: From Competition to Combat! (Video!) by

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