Beretta Nano Sub-Compact Pistol: 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm NATO)/.40 S&W Polymer-Framed Sub-Compact Pistol Goes Up Against the Big Boys in the Concealed Carry (CCW) Arena

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com


September 16, 2011
Last updated on 7/02/12.

DefenseReview (DR) just watched an in-house-produced demo video (demonstration video) on the new Beretta Nano (BU9) polymer-framed lightweight (17.67 ounces) subcompact 9mm/.40 S&W semi-auto pistol, which was designed first and foremost to handle the .40 S&W cartridge, and will soon be offered in 9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO and hold 6+1 rounds. According to Ben Cook, Beretta USA Marketing Manager for Pistols, Beretta "over-designed the gun to a level that's just ridiculous," and the pistol is "incredibly reliable".

Interestingly, the serialized (i.e., serial-numbered) part on the Beretta Nano 9mm/.40 S&W pistol is its stainless steel chassis/frame insert, which is an internal compenent and effective receiver component, rather than the pistol's gripframe, which is usually the primary serial-numbered component on all other pistols of which Defense Review is aware, and the part that's considered the pistol by ATF (BATFE).

The Beretta BU-9 Nano 9mm/.40 SW sub-compact pistol's recoil spring is described a "special variable-compression dual recoil spring guide rod pack, which is coated with a "special zinc plating to make sure that it doesn't rust or corrode, and also gives you a nice smooth action." DR hopes the Nano's recoil spring/action spring operates as reliably as Mr. Cook claims. The slide and barrel are nitride-coated. The company calls this finish/metal treatment "Pronox", and describes it as "incredibly hard and very, very wear and corrosion-resistant." Pronox is essentially Melonite, which is the equivalent of Glock's Tenifer finish.

Speaking of Glock, the BU9 Nano pistol sports a Glock-type trigger safety that looks exactly like the Glock pistol trigger. The Beretta Nano pistol is competing against a number of other semi-auto sub-compact single-stack pistols, including, but not limited to, the Smith & Wesson S&W M&P SHIELD, Walther PPS, Ruger LC-9 and Kel-Tec PF-9.

DefenseReview isn't crazy about the Nano pistol not having a left-side mounted slide stop/release button. Beretta claims that this feature, along with the pistol's beveled edges, makes for a more snag-free draw, but the author personally carries a G19 (Glock 19), and I've never, ever experienced nor heard about the G19's (or any Glock pistol's) slide stop/release button causing any problems during the draw from a holster, and we frankly like having that feature during speed reloads. Hitting that button with your thumb is simply much faster than racking the slide. We'd also prefer that the Nano's disassembly/takedown procedure not require a tool for slide assembly removal.

Getting back to the Berreta Nano demo video for a second, if DR were advising Beretta, we would have advised them to begin and end the video with shooting footage involving a skilled shooter demonstrating the gun at the range, especially since this appears to be the first video on the weapon. We would have liked to have seen the pistol's firing characteristics during both two-handed and one-handed firing.

The Beretta Nano pistol is going to have to be very good to effectively compete against the aforementioned competing sub-compact pistols.

Beretta BU9 Nano 9x19mm NATO pistol MSRP is $475.00 USD.

The following information comes directly from the Beretta USA website:

"The Beretta Nano is the ultimate evolution of the micro compact carry pistol. Utilizing a removable, serialized sub-chassis the Nano pistol can be easily modified with replaceable grip frames and is simple to disassemble and maintain. Ease of use and concealment were key drivers in the development of the Nano. The Nano’s extremely low profile, snag free design makes it easy to carry and draw from concealment. To accommodate right or left-handed use, the Nano’s magazine release button can be easily reversed. The light, durable, frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer. The Nano’s sights are user adjustable with a 1.5mm hexwrench and your fingers. This allows anyone to adjust their sights without the assistance of a gunsmith. Modular structure, ergonomics and ease of use make the Beretta Nano the ideal firearm for concealed carry. Made in The U.S.A."

Beretta Nano 9x19mm Parabellum Pistol Technical Specs:

Caliber: 9mm
Overall Length: 5.63”
Overall Height: 4.17”
Overall Width: .90”
Barrel Length: 3.07”
Sight Radius: 4.92”
Sights: 3-Dot Low Profile
Frame: Chassis Stainless Steel Insert
Grip Frame: Technopolymer
Slide Material: 4140
Slide Finish: Pronox
Capacity: 6+1 Rounds
Weight Unloaded: 17.67 oz

Photo(s) Credit: Beretta USA

Company Contact Info:

Beretta U.S.A. Corp
17601 Beretta Drive
Accokeek, MD 20607
Toll Free: 800-929-2901

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Beretta Nano Sub-Compact Pistol: 9mm Parabellum (9x19mm NATO)/.40 S&W Polymer-Framed Sub-Compact Pistol Goes Up Against the Big Boys in the Concealed Carry (CCW) Arena by

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