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Vectronix/Optics 1 COTI (Clip On Thermal Imager) Thermal/IR (Infared) Monocular Helmet Mounted Display (HMD)/Weapons Sight for Infantry Warfighters

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By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

September 18, 2011

Allison Barrie of Fox News just wrote a piece about the Vectronix/Optics 1 COTI (Clip On Thermal Imager) "clip and go" overlay clip-on thermal/IR (infrared) ("long-wave IR") monocular HMD (Helmet Mounted Device) as if it's a new concept in soldier/warfighter equipment/gear, and labeling it "Predator-style vision". The COTI can be cliped onto a standard night vision (NV)/Image Intensification (I2) monocular to create a fused I2/IR fusion sensor/imager. While this concept isn't all that new, thermal monocular HMD/weapon sights and fusion sensors/fused sensors are certainly getting smaller, lighter, more sophisticated, and more combat-capable by the year. The company, Vectronix/Optics 1 (formerly Irvine Sensors Corporation), been developing the COTI for over seven (7) years, and isn't the only company with a COTI solution. DefenseReview (DR) readers may remember our June, 2011 article on the BAE Systems OASYS SkeetIR and StalkIR Universal Thermal Monocular (UTM) IR/thermal weapons sights with handy-dandy cantilevered Universal Weapons Mount (UWM) and modular night vision (NV)/IR fusion HMD capability, which we photographed and handled at SOFIC 2011.

Ms. Barrie covers the system's high points in press-release-type fashion in her article. The Vectronix/Optics COTI is palm-sized, weighs 5.8 oz., can operate for 3 hours on battery power, and for up to 11 hours with its auxilliary power supply, whatever that is. Just like on the SkeetIR COTI, you can set the Vectronix/Optics 1 COTI for either white-hot or black-hot viewing, but the Optics 1 COTI can also operate in "COTI Outline Mode", which oulines the object's heat signature, supposedly making laser targeting easier.

DR doesn't yet know whether or not BAE/OASYS SkeetIR thermal/IR monocular/weapons sight offers this operation mode (target outline mode), but SkeetIR enjoys the pixel resolution advantage of 640×480 pixels versus COTI's 320×240 pixels. The next-gen model Optics 1 COTI can be used as a weapon sight, but its aforementioned competition, the BAE/OASYS SkeetIR, is already there.

Neither the Optics 1 nor Vectronix websites are currently loading properly, but Defense Review gleaned the following info from the Irvine Sensors Corporation/Optics 1 COTI data sheet (PDF Format):

"COTI provides the user with the ultimate performance and state-of-the-art technology currently available in the industry. Our LWIR technology combines the highest performance, lightest weight, lowest power sensor technology with our unique injection optical design. This provides the best value solution for adding low light and no light performance to currently fielded Image Intensified systems. Our COTI easily attaches to fielded NVG’s to provide the user with immediate thermal situational awareness and enhanced cueing capabilities.

Clip-On Thermal Imager (COTI) Features:

– Improved situational awareness and enhanced cueing capability 
– Standard quick connect interface to NVGs such as AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, and AN/PVS-23 
– Rugged waterproof construction for the harshest environments
– 320 x 240 uncooled microbolometer based LWIR System 
– Unity magnification with objective injection optics for interfacing to most NVGs
– Low power, low noise miniature electronic inside
– 8-12um wavelength

COTI Outline Mode
COTI Mounted On AN/PVS-14

Clip-On Thermal Imager (COTI)

Conventional I2 Image I2 Image with COTI

For More Information Contact:

Gary Gunning
Irvine Sensors Corporation
Tel: (714) 444-8761
Email: [email protected]
3001 Red Hill Ave. B4-108
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Grant Milbouer
Tel: (386) 624-4495
email: [email protected]
1050 Holt Avenue, Suite 12
Manchester, NH 03109"

Click here to view the original Irvine Sensors Corporation/Optics 1 COTI (Clip-On Thermal Imager) Data Sheet. (PDF Format)

Photo(s) Credit: Optics 1, Inc.

Hat Tip: Fox News

Company Contact Info:

Optics 1:

OPTICS 1, Inc.
Defense Systems Division
1050 Holt Avenue, Suite 12
Manchester, NH 03109 USA
603 296-0469 Voice
603 296-0473 Fax Email Contact Page Website

OPTICS 1, Inc.
Commercial Systems Division
3050 E. Hillcrest Drive, Suite 100
Westlake Village, CA 91362 USA
805 373-9340 Voice
805 373-8966 Fax Email Contact Page Website

BAE Systems/OASYS:

Karen Spiller
Manager, Media Relations
P.O. Box 868, PTP2-2D08
Nashua, NH 03061-0868
Office: 603-885-2818
Mobile: 603-566-2090
Fax: 603-885-0329
Email: [email protected]

Heather Russell
Manager, Communications
Individual Protection Systems
BAE Sysems
Office Phone: 602-643-7260
Fax: 602-643-7686
Email: [email protected]

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Vectronix/Optics 1 COTI (Clip On Thermal Imager) Thermal/IR (Infared) Monocular Helmet Mounted Display (HMD)/Weapons Sight for Infantry Warfighters by

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