Ghost Rocket 3.5 lb. Trigger Control Connector for Glock Pistols Enables Better Competitive Tactical Shooting with a Lighter Trigger Pull and Shorter, Faster Trigger Reset!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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January 7, 2011

Sometimes, successful tactical and competitive shooting comes down to the little things, small advantageous items that augment your weapon’s capabilities, which in turn augments your abilities as a shooter. Whether your engaged in combat or competition, every little advantage counts. That brings us to the topic of tonight’s discussion: In our previous article, DefenseReview (DR) mentioned John Romaszka of Romaszka Tactical Training (RTT). While we were traing with him, Mr. Romaszka told us that he’s a BIG fan of Glock pistols. And, if you’re gonna’ go Glock, Romaszka thinks the Ghost Rocket 3.5 lb. Trigger Control Connector for Glock pistols is a must for serious shooters. He uses a hand-tuned and fitted version of it on both his Glock 17 (G17) and Glock 34 (G34) high-capacity 9mm pistols. The (tuned) Ghost 3.5 lb. Rocket connector, billed as the “King of all ‘Ghost Maker’ Triggers”, makes the Glock’s trigger pull lighter than the standard trigger pull weight. Just as importantly, it provides for an even quicker/shorter trigger reset.

Defense Review got to experience the shooting advantage the Ghost 3.5 lb. Rocket Trigger Control Connector provides when we used both of Mr. Romaszka’s pistols (G17 and G34) for the tactical pistol skills portion of the course. The lighter trigger pull helped us keep the guns on target, and the shorter/faster trigger reset helped to reduce and minimize our shot-to-shot split times while conducting fast shooting drills. DR agrees with Mr. Romaszka that the Ghost 3.5 lb. Rocket trigger connector significantly improves Glock pistol trigger performance. Gotta’ appreciate the little things, especially when they can have a big (and positive) effect on your shooting!

DR plans to install a hand-tuned/fitted Ghost 3.5 lb. Rocket Trigger Control Connector on one of our Glock 19 (G19) pistols for a little G19/Ghost 3.5 lb. Rocket T&E session at the range, soon. We haven’t used it in a G19, yet, but we can’t imagine it would be any less effective in the G19 vs. in the G17 or G34.

Notice in the photo at right that Mr. Romaszka’s Glock 17 9mm pistol is also outfitted with an RTR Combat Strike Plate (CSP) by Romaszka Tactical Resources (RTR), Heinie Glock Slant Pro QWIK Straight Eight Tritium Night Sights, and Insight Technology M3 Tactical Illuminator (tactical white light). Mr. Romaszka is also a big fan of Heinie Glock Sights for the Glock pistol series.

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John Romaszka
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Heinie Speciality Products, Inc. (HSP)
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Quincy, IL 62301
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Ghost Rocket 3.5 lb. Trigger Control Connector for Glock Pistols Enables Better Competitive Tactical Shooting with a Lighter Trigger Pull and Shorter, Faster Trigger Reset! by

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