CCF RaceFrames Aftermarket Metal Alloy Grip Frames for Glock Pistols (2nd Gen. Style)

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by David Crane
defrev at

April 17, 2006

This is one of the coolest non-factory/aftermarket products for Glock pistols that DefenseReview has seen. We were alerted to it by our friend and noted gunwriter Gary Johnston (Gary Paul Johnston). It’s a replacement Glock-type grip frame made from Aluminum, Titanium, or Stainless Steel, whichever the customer prefers. We understand that CCF RaceFrames, LLC actually had their metal alloy grip frames for Glock pistols (9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .45 ACP) on display at SHOT Show 2006, but we somehow missed them at the show! Thank God for Gary Johnston.  According to him, these non-factory metal alloy Glock frames are awesome/superlative.
The CCF replacement Glock-type grip frames (or, aftermarket Glock-type frames–whichever you prefer to call them) should be available very soon. The Stainless Steel version is due for release in mid-May/early June. The Aluminum and Titanium versions are both due shortly after the SS version. The CCF frames offer a host of noteworthy features:…

First, they mimic the old-style 2nd-Generation Glock grip profile with a checkered front strap without finger grooves and interchangeable checkered back strap, a.k.a. interchangeable rear grip strap.  This interchangeable rear gripstrap feature will allow the user to have a 1911-angled grip configuration, if one so chooses.

More features: Enlarged beveled magazine well (magwell), enlarged trigger guard opening (to reduce the likelihood of finger pinch), rounded trigger guard corner, extended beavertail/tang, “improved” thumb relief areas (for “more positive grip”, scalloped area surrounding magazine release button “for positive disengagement”, high-cut/radiused fronstrap/trigger guard area for “reduced middle knuckle pressure”, high-cut beavertail/tang to “allow the frame to sit lower in your hand for improved recoil control, and a Mil-Std-1913 rail on the dustcover that is five times (5x) longer than on the Glock OEM grip frame.

And, CCF is even offering the Cominolli Custom manual safety kit (designed specifically for Glock pistols) as an option.
CCF RaceFrames claims that their Glock-type frames allow for enhanced accuracy and muzzle control, improved weight and balance, a consistently crisp trigger pull (due to metal allow frame rigidity). The CCF grip frames “accept all [Glock] OEM and aftermarket parts (drop-in/no-fitting), holsters, and Picatinny mounts.”
So, how do the CCF Raceframes Glock-type grip frames compare to the Glock factory grip frames? As an example, the Glock 17/22 (9mm/.40 S&W) OEM frame weighs 3.66 ounces (oz.). By comparison, the CCF frames weigh: Aluminum – 7.3 oz., Titanium – 12 oz., Stainless Steel – 21 oz.

You can contact CCF Raceframes, LLC by phone at 804-622-4277, or by email at  Ask for Larry.

CCF RaceFrames Aftermarket Metal Alloy Grip Frames for Glock Pistols (2nd Gen. Style) by

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