Lone Wolf 1911-Style Glock 17/22 (G17/22) Pistol Frame (Polymer Grip Frame) with Extended Beavertail Tang: Glock Meets 1911 Pistol for the Best of all Worlds? (Pics!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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April 28, 2010

It’s no secret that we, here, at DefenseReview are VERY BIG Glock pistol proponents. For us, when it comes to pistols, it’s pretty much either Glock (9mm Parabellum a.k.a. 9x19mm NATO) or 1911 (9mm, 40 S&W, and .45 ACP) pistols for carry and competition applications. In fact, for tactical use, our first choice is a Glock 19 (G19), Glock 17 (G17), or Glock 34 (G34), depending on the mission-specific requirements/parameters, and our second choice is a custom single-stack or double-stack/hi-cap 1911 pistol built by pistolsmith Bob Marvel of Bob Marvel Guns (BMG) / Marvel Custom Pistols (MCP) (We should note that we also like the HK P7M13 and P7M8 squeeze-cocker pistols with quality jacketed factory ammo (115gr or higher), but the P7M13 is relatively heavy compared to the G19, and it gets hot pretty quickly under rapid fire at fairly low round count.).

So, being the Glock fans we are, we really enjoyed getting to view and handle Lone Wolf’s new aftermarket 1911-style polymer grip frame for the Glock 17/22 (G17/22) pistols–which can also be applied to the Glock 24 (G24) and Glock 34/35 (G34/35) pistols–at the tail end of SHOT Show 2010. It features a 1911-style and angled grip, extended beavertail tang, removable/replaceable/modular backstrap for different hand shapes and sizes, and Mil-Std-1913 dust cover rail system for mounting tactical white light and laser modules. The beavertail assists with recoil management/muzzle rise reduction and eliminates slide bite for people who utilize a high grip–like myself, for instance. I get bitten by the (Glock) slide all the time.

Anyway, the product felt great in the hand. It’s a particularly great idea for 1911 owners/shooters who want grip angle consistency between their 1911s and Glocks, and it’s one of the coolest and most interesting aftermarket accessories/mods we’ve seen for your fantastic tactical (Glock) plastic.  Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the hard chromed slide or large muzzle compensator (pictured) on the display gun, which are unnecessary and visually unpleasing on a Glock pistol, in our opinion.

The only negative we observed on it were the sharp corners/edges at the front of the dust cover/rail on the prototype unit we examined.  However, JR Shepard, owner/president of Lone Wolf, told DR that Lone Wolf will be fixing on the productiong version. They’re going to round off/soften them. Defense Review would also like to see a Glock 19/23 (G19/23) compact version of this product, soon, since the G19 is DR’s primary and favorite concealed carry (CCW) gun/pistol.

DR predicts that the Lone Wolf 1911-style Glock 17/22/24/34/35 pistol gripframe will be a BIG hit, and sell like hotcakes. It’s a very cool product. We’ll try to obtain one for review and use as soon as possible.

Editor’s Note: DefenseReview will be publishing some more articles on Glock pistols outfitted with aftermarket Glock pistol accessories we like–some of which we used on our technical/tactical shooting training trip in Bellingham, WA these past few weeks–in the very near future, so stay tuned. If you’re a Glock owner/user like us, you’ll definitely want to read them!

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Lone Wolf 1911-Style Glock 17/22 (G17/22) Pistol Frame (Polymer Grip Frame) with Extended Beavertail Tang: Glock Meets 1911 Pistol for the Best of all Worlds? (Pics!) by

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