Lewis Machine & Tool LMT LM8MWS (also written LM8 MWS) 16″ “Slick Receiver” Monolithic Rail Platform 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. Tactical AR-10/SR-25-Type Battle Rifle/Carbine Upper Receiver(s) with Lightweight Modular Rail System

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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April 9, 2012
Last updated on 4/09/12.

The LMT LM8MRP (LM8 Monolithic Rail Platform) isn’t the only new product Lewis Machine & Tool Company surprised DefenseReview (DR) with at SHOT Show 2012. They also introduced the LMT LM8MWS (LM8 Modular Weapon System) and LMT LM8MWS SS “Slick Receiver” 7.62mm NATO (7.62x51mm NATO)/.308 Win. tactical AR-10/SR-25-type carbine upper receivers with 16″ chrome-lined and stainless-steel barrels, respectively. Like the LM8MRP, the LM8MWS sports LMT’s new lightweight modular rail system that allows the end-user/operator to place textured rail segments (rail panel segments, or rail cover segments) of various lengths wherever he/she wants/needs them. The available LM8 rail segments are: 4 Rail (1 3/8″ length), 6 Rail (2 1/8″ length), 8 Rail (2 15/16″ length) and 10 Rail (3 3/4″ length).

Like we mentioned in our previous article, Defense Review didn’t know that LMT would be introducing a new modular MRP/MWS rail system at SHOT. Like the LMT LM8 MRP, the LMT LM8 MWS and LMT LM8 MWS SS are likely to be very popular. It’s DR’s understanding that they (LM8MWS .308 carbines) will utilize a direct-gas-impingement (DGI) system, just like the LMT .308 MWS.

The LMT LM8MWS 7.62mm/.308 tactical AR carbine upper receiver(s) features:

– 16″ chrome-lined barrel with 1:10″ twist rate (1-in-10″ twist rate) or ultra-match stainless steel 5R barrel with 1:11.25″ twist rate (1-in-11.25″ twist rate) and matte black finish
– Standard Semi-Auto Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)
– Tactical Charging Handle Assembly
– LMT LM308MWS Lower Receiver with SOPMOD Buttstock (SOCOM Stock) and Two-Stage Trigger Group.
– Ships with a tactical sling, tactical adjustable rear sight, tactical front sight (A2-style), (4) rail segments, (2) heavy push-button swivels, (1) 20-round mag (magazine), torch wrench/driver, and
operator’s manual.

The LMT LM8MWS complete rifle/carbine is currently listed at $2,998.71 USD, and the LMT LM8MWS SS complete rifle/carbine is currently listed at $3,534.84 USD.

Company Contact Info:

Lewis Machine & Tool Company
1305 11th Street West
Milan, IL 61264
Phone: 309-787-7151
Fax: 309-787-7193
Sales Phone: 309-732-9527
Sales Fax: 309-787-2636
Email Contact Page 1: http://www.lewismachine.net/contact.php
Email Contact Page 2: http://www.lmtstore.com/contacts/
Website 1: http://www.lewismachine.net
Website 2: http://www.lmtstore.com

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Lewis Machine & Tool LMT LM8MWS (also written LM8 MWS) 16″ “Slick Receiver” Monolithic Rail Platform 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. Tactical AR-10/SR-25-Type Battle Rifle/Carbine Upper Receiver(s) with Lightweight Modular Rail System by

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