Tactical Command Industries TCI Liberator III ITJCS – TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset Suite/Digital Hearing Protection System with Ambidextrous Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button and Radio Sharing: Modular Tactical Communications Headset for Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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April 13, 2012

Don Medine of Tactical Command Industries (TCI) was kind enough to take DefenseReview (DR) through the TCI Liberator III Tactical Headset Suite at SHOT Show 2012. The Liberator III headset is a dual-comm (dual-communication) tactical comms headset (tactical communications headset) that incorporates an ambidextrous push-to-talk (PTT) button and radio-sharing capability. In the embedded video below, Medine explains the system in detail. Below that, we’ve provided all the info on the system we believe we saw from the TCI website.

Defense Review believes that the specific TCI tactical headset model we saw at SHOT was the Liberator III ITJCS – TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection, rather than the Liberator III BASIC – TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection, but we’re not sure. “ITJCS” stands for “Integrated TACP/JTAC Comms Suite Options”, which doesn’t exactly illuminate the acronym’s meaning to the uninitiated. “TACP” stands for “Tactical Air Control Party”, and JTAC stands for “Joint Terminal Attack Controller”.

The TCI display mock-up was also outfitted with an Ops-Core FAST Ballistic Helmet (combat helmet) with FAST-ARCs 4-Position Accessory Rail Connectors and mounted Contour NFlightCam helmet cam (helmet camera) system.

We should note that TCI also makes another tactical comms headset called the Liberator III LITE Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection.

LIBERATOR III ITJCS dual-comm headset systems are exceptional headsets for TACP, JTAC, Combat Control, CCT, PJ and CAS Operators who require secure dual-comm capabilities in a highly modular communication kit. The system was engineered with direct the operator in mind and includes features and capabilities required by professionals. It provides optimal situational awareness for the operator, while offering TCI digital electronic hearing protection with Threat Compression Technology.

Liberator III ITJCS headsets provide the most realistic and accurate replication of ambient sound and state of the art digital sound processing to amplify certain sounds and compress hazardous sounds to approximately 82 dBa. The performance of the Liberator III Lite surpasses of many hearing protection products, which clip or gate ambient sounds or do not accurately reproduce environmental sound cues.

RF/EMI SHIELDING: We also provide a high degree of radio frequency (RF) shielding, which is a unique TCI enhancement, so the performance of the system remains exceptional even when used in combination with manpack radios.

Liberator III ITJCS System Overview:

– Dual-Comm/Dual-Radio capable.
– High-performance Cobra Noise Canceling Microphone
– Integrated NVG compatible microphone mounted light: NVG green and NVG white light with color selector and safety-off toggle switch.
– Provide a single PTT housing with two color-coded PTT buttons.
– Include embedded state of the art electronics supporting secure communications, digital threat compression technology for hearing protection and situational awareness.
– Enhanced advanced EMI/RF shielding.
– Long and industry-leading 600 hour battery life on two AAA batteries.
– Includes upgraded battery compartment and Lanyard for Battery Cap.
– Auto-shut off and low battery warning tone 40-hours prior to battery depletion.
– Provide a comfortable fit with MICH, ACH, Gentex and other commonly used ballistic helmets.
– ITJCS accessory cable kit for PRC radio models.
– OTH Over-the-Head or BTH Behind the Head suspension options.
– Black or OD Green Earcup options.
– Left or right boom microphone mount options.

The ITJCS System Includes:

– Liberator III dual-comm tactical headset with Cobra noise-canceling microphone and integrated NVG compatible mic-light.
– U-Series TCI Tactical PTT with two color-coded PTT buttons.
– Two interface quick disconnects for rapid transition between accessory cables.
– (2) MBITR/PRC-152 radio cables
– (1) Coiled SATCOM radio cable
– (1) 15 ft. radio extension cables.
– (1) NATO adapter to support use of headset on low-impedance aviation ICS systems.
– (1) Modified H-250 handset to support radio sharing capability and use of additional radio.
– (1) “Y” adapter cable to support radio sharing capability using included H-250 handset.”

Liberator III ITJCS Tactical Communications Headset Data Sheet

Liberator III Basic Tactical Communications Headset Data Sheet

Liberator III LITE Tactical Communications Headset Data Sheet

Company Contact Info:

Corporate Admin., Government Sales, GSA and Contracts:
Including: Product Development Program, T&E Program Management, GSA Contract Administration, Reseller Program Management, and Human Resources

Key Personnel at this Location:

Don Medine or Patricia Medine
Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI)
P.O. Box 70
Gilmanton, NH 03237-0070
Phone: 603-418-8705
Toll Free 1: 888-990-1600
Toll Free 2: 877-792-8266 (SWAT-COM)
Fax: 866-255-9414
Email Don Medine: [email protected]
Email Patti Medine: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tacticalcommandstore.com

(Office Hours M-F 9 AM-5 PM EST)

Manufacturing, Product Support and Customer Service:
Including: Customer Service, Production, Quality Control, and Repair Department

Key Personnel at this Location:

Lucy Ordaz | Linda Wouters | Brad Medine | Pablo Hernandez
Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI)
2150 Elkins Way
Brentwood, CA 94509
Phone: 925-219-1097
Fax: 925-219-1719 Fax
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tacticalcommandstore.com

(Office Hours M-F 9 AM-5 PM PST)

Ops-Core, Inc.
319 A Street Rear, Ground Floor
Boston, MA 02210
Phone: 617.670.3547
Fax: 617.670.3581
Website: http://www.ops-core.com

Contour (NFlightCam)
Phone Sales: 206-792-5226
Toll Free Sales: 866-397-6920
Toll Free CS NFlightCam: 866-901-8516
Email: [email protected]
Website 1: http://contour.com
Website 2: http://www.nflightcam.com

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Tactical Command Industries TCI Liberator III ITJCS – TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset Suite/Digital Hearing Protection System with Ambidextrous Push-To-Talk (PTT) Button and Radio Sharing: Modular Tactical Communications Headset for Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) (Video!) by

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