Invisio Bone Mic Tactical Headset for Military SpecOps and LE SWAT Ops

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The following is a Television Equipment Associates (TEA) press release on the Invisio Bone Mic Tactical Headset:

Television Equipment Associates (TEA) are specialists in headsets and team radios for US Special Forces, law enforcement SWAT, surveillance and rescue applications. These products are technologically advanced and are designed and manufactured for optimum reliability and durability. Our headsets can be supplied for practically any radio and are hand-crafted to mil-spec tolerances.

A popular TEA product is Invisio – a bone mic tactical headset – so small it fits totally inside your ear – is perfectly suited for Special Force applications.

# Invisio is not affected by high ambient noise.

Tactical communications are dramatically advanced by a…

remarkable, patented technology which makes possible a bone-mic headset that is unaffected by high ambient noise. Enthused Special Force organizations have endorsed Invisio features and performance because it defeats high ambient noise which is always the enemy of intelligible radio communications. Users report that when an Invisio user transmits from just below a helicopter, the voice is received on other radios without the helo background noise.

# Because Invisio fits inside your ear, it does not interfere with gas masks, SCBAs, goggles or helmets.

# Numerous Lower Cordsets – some with unique – front action press to talk switches – are offered for all tactical applications. Redundant hand PTT switches can be provided for sniper and machine operation requirements.

Equipment evaluations are available from TV Equipment without obligation for military, municipal and government organizations,

Please view product details at

For information, please contact Bill Pegler 310-457-7401.

The following Invisio Tactical Bone Mic Headset info comes from the TEA website:

The BONE MIC™ headset consists of a patented MIC element which is incorporated in to a non-exclusive, one size fits all ear-mold so that the bone MIC element is directly contacting the user’s jawbone. This technique protects the MIC from picking up airborne sound for optimum use in high noise applications. The MIC signal is excellent – comparable to boom MIC performance, and with great whisper quality.

– You can don and doff any gas mask without disturbing radiocomms.

– Works in very high ambient noise because ear mold shields MIC.

– Protects user’s hearing from concussions during explosive entry.

– The cable is a light polyurethane wire with kevlar and Teflon insulation and has a break performance of 100 pounds.

– An optical acoustic filter accommodates peripheral hearing.

– NATO approved! Documented experience from military, police & special forces.

…and it’s comfortable.

Invisio™ is a professional headset used by a wide range of police units, fire fighters, military Special Operations personnel, security units and special forces around the world

Inviso Bone Mic Headset Resources:

Bone Mic™ data sheet (292 kb Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Bone Mic™ demo video clip (4.7 MB .swf File)

Invisio Bone Mic™ Audio demo (256 KB .wav)

Invisio Switches

Invisio Bone Mic Tactical Headset for Military SpecOps and LE SWAT Ops by

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