New ‘Cooler’ QuikClot Blood-Clotting Agent for Treating Serious Wounds

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The following is a press release on QuikClot 1st Response and QuikClot ACS+ hemostatic (blood clotting) agents:

Next Generation of Lifesaving QuikClot® Hemostat (Hemostatic Agent) Solves
Excess Heat Production, Opening Door to Wider Deployment &
New Medical Applications

Z-Medica Corp Launches QuikClot 1st Response™ & QuikClot ACS+™, Giving First Responder & Military Users Ability to Stop Severe Bleeding at the Scene Safely & Effectively

WALLINGFORD, Conn., September 27, 2006- In the successful culmination of an intense period of research & development, Z-Medica Corporation (Z-Medica), a medical products company focused on innovative hemostatic nano-technologies, today announced the launch of the next generation of its breakthrough QuikClot(R) brand hemostat product line. With its new QuikClot 1st Response™ and QuikClot ACS+™ products, the company has removed the only potential side effect of its lifesaving invention – the possible generation of excess heat in certain circumstances – while retaining 100% product efficacy. The new products give military and first responder users the ability to save lives by stopping severe bleeding right at the scene of a bleeding incident, without concern that they might cause burning.

With this breakthrough, Z-Medica expects that…

its cooler products will be even more rapidly adopted by law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, environmental health & safety teams and industrial nurses, as well as more widely deployed by the military and homeland security organizations. Solving the heat issue also opens the door to development of QuikClotÒ products for use in surgical and other medical applications – in response to growing requests from medical professionals worldwide for new hemostatic capabilities.

QuikClot 1st Response™ and QuikClot ACS+™ take advantage of the delivery system introduced last year in the company’s second product, QuikClot ACS™ (Advanced Clotting Sponge). In these products, QuikClot(R) is formulated into beads enclosed in a porous surgical fabric. When introduced into a wound, this sponge takes the shape of the injury, conforms to the wound and rapidly stops even the most severe venous and arterial bleeding. The sponge stays in place and is easily removed in the surgical setting. QuikClot ACS+™ is intended for use in larger wounds and QuikClot 1st Response™ is for use in the types of wounds generally encountered by first responders. Larger wounds can also be treated by using more than one QuikClot 1st Response™ sponge.

“Eliminating the potential of excessive heat being created during QuikClotÒ usage has been the number one focus of our company for the past two years,” said Z-Medica CEO Raymond J. Huey.

“With more than a million packets of QuikClot(R) deployed within all branches of the U.S. military and first responders, we’ve developed a track record of proven success in stopping the most severe bleeding in many environments — resulting in many lives saved,” Huey said. “By eliminating the potential of excessive heat generation with improper use, we expect to remove any hesitation about using these products – and to save many more lives.”

To resolve the heat issue while retaining product efficacy, Z-Medica reached out to scientific experts in both the military and the private sector. These included zeolite expert Professor Galen Stucky and his team, including Todd Ostomel, at the University of California Santa Barbara, the Office of Naval Research and the Naval Medical Research Center. The latter two were testing and development partners in earlier QuikClot(R) formulations.

“While we have found that we could eliminate the heat altogether, we’ve learned that a little heat can be a good thing,” Huey reported. “Heat can accelerate coagulation, so we have optimized this parameter in terms of eliminating risks and maximizing efficacy. We have specified the product to have a maximum temperature in use of less than 120o F. In testing, we have seen typical maximum temperatures in vivo of 105o F. This is a comfortable temperature range that would only be attained for a matter of a minute or so before dissipating.”
Ultimately, Z-Medica incorporated research and testing assistance from a number of resources to develop its own proprietary formulas that, like earlier versions of QuikClot(R), are safe, effective and very cost effective — and now, also eliminate the heat issue.

About Z-Medica
Founded in April 2002, Z-Medica Corporation is a medical products company focused on innovative blood clotting technologies — hemostatic solutions that save lives. QuikClot(R) was developed in cooperation with the Office of Naval Research (ONR), the U.S. Marine Corps
Warfighting Laboratory, the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command and university hospitals. It represents the first and most effective solution to severe blood loss outside the operating room setting. Z-Medica serves several global vertical markets, including military, first responder, homeland and private security. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Grants & Training added ‘hemostatic agent’ to its 2006 Authorized Equipment List (AEL), qualifying QuikClot® for purchase using grant dollars, subject to each State’s administrative agency’s approval. The company is fully engaged in accelerating development and distribution of QuikClotÒ brand hemostatic agent, QuikClot ACS™, QuikClot ACS+™, QuikClot 1st Response™ and related products.

Z-Medica headquarters is located at 4 Fairfield Blvd., Wallingford, Connecticut 06492. For more information, please call (203) 294.0000 or visit


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New ‘Cooler’ QuikClot Blood-Clotting Agent for Treating Serious Wounds by

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