Diamondhead USA V-RS T/TD Versa-Rail System Lightweight Free-Float Triangular Tactical Handguard/Modular Rail System for Tactical AR-15 Carbine/SBRs at SHOT Show 2012 (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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March 29, 2012
Last updated on 9/06/12.

While DefenseReview (DR) was at the Diamondhead USA booth at SHOT Show 2012, Dave DeLuca was kind enough to show us all the company's rail systems, including an SLA prototype of the brand new and very cool Diamondhead V-RS T/TD Versa-Rail System lightweight free-float (free-floating) triangular modular rail system/tactical handguard. V-RS T/TD's triangular shape, back-sloped/back-slanted front, and triangular vent holes/cooling holes all combine to give the rail a very modern look. The new rail is as comfortable in the hands as it looks, which is very (comfortable). It's also versatile in that it will accommodate either a direct-gas-impingement (DGI) or short-stroke gas piston/op-rod (push-type operating rod) system.

The Diamondhead V-RS T/TD Versa-Rail System triangular modular rail system is actually one of the best-looking new rails (modular rails) we've seen, so we just hope the production version lives up to its looks with regard to straightness, rigidity, strength/ruggedness and QC (Quality Control)–because we want one!

The following slightly-edited and re-formatted information comes directly from the 2012 Diamondhead USA brochure:

"Diamondhead’s innovative V-RS™ “X” & “XD” and V-RS™ “T” & “TD” Free Floating Handguards offer an uninterrupted rail extension and handguard in perfect alignment with the host weapon’s flat top receiver. The “X” & “T” rails replace the factory delta ring and barrel nut. The V-RS™ Free Floating Handguard System provides the same flexibility of use as Diamondhead’s renowned V-RS™ Drop-In System. Simply attach rails and bumpers to the V-RS™ for the required rail-mounted accessories.

Diamondhead V-RS™ (Versa-Rail System) Free-Floating Tacical Handguard/Rail System Features:

– Sturdy, lightweight free float design
– Improves accuracy and provides exceptional airflow to
keep barrel cooler
– Comfortable round shape (X & XD) and rounded
triangular shape (T & TD)
– Flush mounted top rail giving a monolithic appearance
– Lightning fast configuration changes
– Uninterrupted mounting surface for optics or
other accessories.
– Improves comfort and ease of shooting while allowing for
personal modification with rail accessories (rails & bumpers)
– Customize for specific applications
– Add more rails as additional accessories are needed
– Mix full length and short rails and bumpers to suit
– Proprietary clamping system for rigid, secure attachment
– Mil. Std. 1913 Picatinny rail dimensions
– Fits all M4/AR15/M16 variants
– Mil. Spec. Type III anodized 6061 aluminum construction
– Combat durable
– Diamondhead® exclusive Lifetime Warranty

V-RS™ Free-Floating T Handguard
Available in 10.25” length

– Designed to give a factory installed appearance to your rifle
– Requires removal of both delta ring and factory barrel nut and
replacement of front sight with low profile gas block
– Propriety replacement barrel nut included with rail that allows
for easy installation and elimination of barrel nut timing issues
– Mounts on barrels with low profile gas block, or can replace
fixed front sight (basic punch, hammer) with a low profile gas
block (not included)
– Comfortable rounded triangular shape

V-RS™ Free-Floating TD Handguard
Available in 9.5” length

– Easy retrofit delta ring equipped AR15/M16 rifle or carbine
– No cutting of delta ring or permanent weapon modifications
– Comfortable rounded triangular shape

2211 V-RS Free-Floating T Versa Base (10.25”)   $169
2251 V-RS Free-Floating TD Versa Base (9.5”)    $179"

Company Contact Info:

Diamondhead USA, Inc.
44 Allston Avenue
West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Phone: 413-739-6970
Fax: 413-739-6973
E-Mail: Sales@Diamondhead-USA.com
Website: http://www.diamondhead-usa.com

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Diamondhead USA V-RS T/TD Versa-Rail System Lightweight Free-Float Triangular Tactical Handguard/Modular Rail System for Tactical AR-15 Carbine/SBRs at SHOT Show 2012 (Video!) by

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