Troy Industries BattleRail Alpha and TRX Extreme Lightweight Modular Rail Systems/Tactical Handguards: Ready for a Custom Tactical AR (AR-15) Rifle/Carbine/SBR Build

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

December 28, 2011

Troy BattleRail Alpha (or Alpha BattleRail) Mil-Std-1913 “Picatinny” lightweigt modular rail system/forend rail tube/tactical handguard would appear to be a viable choice for this purpose. Lately, DR has more experience with Daniel Defense (DD) and Samson Manufacturing (Mfg.) rail systems, which are excellent, but we’ve been thinking of giving the new Troy BattleRail a try, as well.

The Troy BattleRail Alpha would appear to represent an evolutionary improvement on the Troy TRX Extreme BattleRail (“TRX” stands for “Troy Receiver Extension”). The Troy Alpha Rail “utilizes a new low-profile locking mechanism, which offers unparalleled strength and stability”, according to the company’s website. Included in the Alpha BattleRail offerings are two versions (11″ and 13″) with with an integral spring-loaded flip-up front BattleSight BUIS (Back-Up Iron Sight), which is pictured in the accompanying images.

While we’re obviously big fans of the Adams Arms short-stroke gas piston/op-rod (push-type operating rod) system, Defense Review still likes direct-gas-impingement (DGI) guns (tactical ARs), as well, and we would potentially be interested in doing a custom Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM), Daniel Defense (DD), Spike’s Tactical or Noveske Rifleworks 16″ (16-inch) DGI tactical AR carbine build using a Troy Alpha or TRX Extreme BattleRail and lightweight contoured barrel in the future.

DR is interested to see how the Troy Alpha and TRX Extreme BattleRails stack up against the Samson Evolution (Evo) Series and Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail (MFR) 12.0 rail systems.

We should perhaps note that Noveske Rifleworks is currently offering a special edition Thunder Ranch model leightweight tactical AR carbine called the Noveske 14.5″ Thunder Ranch Special Edition Rifle that would appear to utilize either a Troy TRX Extreme or Alpha BattleRail.

DefenseReview captured the following information off of the Troy BattleRail Alpha (with integral BattleSight) page on the Troy Industries website, but the page itself is not currently loading proplerly:

“The genesis of modular free float rails has arrived. Building off of the TRX™ Extreme design that revolutionized rail based handguards; the Alpha Rail™ utilizes a new low-profile locking mechanism, which offers unparalleled strength and stability. With built-in legendary Troy™ spring loaded front Battlesight, unlimited mounting options, and greater heat dispersion the Alpha Rail™ once again sets a new industry standard in modular free float rail design.

Comes with three small detachable rails and all mounting hardware

Built-in spring loaded front folding M4 style Battlesight

Machined from 6061-T6 hardened aircraft aluminum and finished in MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Coat Anodizing

Works with standard AR15/M16 barrel nut

Made in the U.S.A. *Lifetime limited warranty, see for details.

NOTE: 11″ Alpha Rails with built in sights are not compatible with mid length or intermediate length gas systems, 13″ Alpha Rails with built in sights are not compatible with Rifle length or Intermediate length gas systems.


STRX-AL1-72BT-01 812699015315 7.2″ ALPHA RAIL NO SIGHT (BLK) $155.00
STRX-AL1-90BT-01 812699015322 9″ ALPHA RAIL NO SIGHT (BLK) $165.00
STRX-AL1-11BT-01 812699015339 11″ ALPHA RAIL NO SIGHT (BLK) $175.00
STRX-AL1-13BT-01 812699015346 13″ ALPHA RAIL NO SIGHT (BLK) $189.00
STRX-AL1-11BT-00 812699014684 11″ ALPHA RAIL W/ SIGHT (BLK) $255.00
STRX-AL1-13BT-00 812699014691 13″ ALPHA RAIL W/ SIGHT (BLK) $269.00
STRX-AL1-15BT-01 812699015506 15″ ALPHA RAIL NO SIGHT (BLK) $199.00″

Photo(s) Credit: Troy Industries

Company Contact Info:

Troy Industries
Phone: 866-788-6412
Fax: 413-383-0339
Sales Email: [email protected]
Technical Email: [email protected]

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Troy Industries BattleRail Alpha and TRX Extreme Lightweight Modular Rail Systems/Tactical Handguards: Ready for a Custom Tactical AR (AR-15) Rifle/Carbine/SBR Build by

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