Vltor TS3 Carbine (Vltor Tactical Sporter Carbine) with Vltor EMod “A5” Combo Kit Stock: Mid-Length DGI Tactical AR (AR-15) Carbine with Some Serious Features!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

December 26, 2011

We here at DefenseReview (DR) are big fans of Vltor Modstocks (telescoping buttstocks), and of the Vltor IMod (Improved Carbine Modstock) stock, in particular.

But Modstocks aren’t all they do over there at VLTOR Weapon Systems. In fact, they’re now making complete weapons, and just introduced the Vltor TS3 Carbine (Vltor Tactical Sporter Carbine) mid-length direct-gas-impingement (DGI) tactical AR carbine, which is outfitted with premium tactical AR components, parts and accessories, and was featured on the hit show Top Shot back in September (2011). One interesting TS3 carbine feature is what appears to be a seriously-oversized mag release button (magazine release button).

The TS3 is definitely worth a look.

One of the TS3’s features is a Vltor EMod “A5” Combo Kit stock, which is noteworthy as this one component can solve a lot of AR carbine/SBR timing/reliability problems all by itself. DR plans to combine the A5 lower receiver extension/buffertube-and-buffer kit with a Vltor IMod stock in the near future and T&E it.

Vltor TS3 Carbine (Vltor Tactical Sporter Carbine) Features Rundown:

Vltor TS3 Lower Receiver featuring a beveled magazine-well, large button magazine release and three-position, quick-detachable single-point sling mount.
Vltor VIS-2A-AK polylithic/free float upper receiver assembly with 10-inch rail section and bolt assist.
Geissele Automatics Hi-Speed Nation Match DMR Trigger/Hammer Assembly
EMod w/A5 Enhancement Kit (Enhanced Modstock) featuring integral rubber buttpad, multiple sling attachments and storage for up to eight AA-batteries or nine-3 volt lithium batteries. A5 receiver extension offers seven different stock placements.
Noveske Rifleworks hammer forged, chrome lined, 15-inch, 1-7 inch twist barrel with mid-length gas system.
Vltor Compensator (VC-A1)permanently attached to the barrel, making the barrel length a legal 16.25 inch barrel.
Bravo Company USA BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle (BCM-GFH-556-MOD4) designed by Vltor
– TangoDown SCAR Rail PanelsBattleGrip (BG-16)
Diamondhead USA, Flip-Up “Classic” Combat Sights

Photo(s) Credit: Vltor Weapon Systems (VWS)

Company Contact Info:

VLTOR Weapon Systems (VWS)
Tucson, AZ
Phone: 520-408-1944
Fax: 520-293-8807
Email: [email protected]
Vltor TS3 Carbine Page: http://www.vltor.com/ts3carbine.html
Website: http://www.vltor.com

Noveske Rifleworks LLC
P.O. Box 1401
Grants Pass, Oregon 97528
Phone: 541-479-6117
Fax: 541-479-2555
Email Contact Page: http://noveskerifleworks.com/contact
Website: http://noveskerifleworks.com

Geissele Automatics
1920 W. Marshall Street
Norristown, PA 19403
Phone: 610-272-2060
Fax: 610-272-2069
Email Contact Page: http://geissele.com/contact-us.aspx
Website: http://geissele.com

Bravo Company USA, Inc.
PO Box 341
Hartland, WI 53029
Toll Free: 877-272-8626 (877-BRAVO CO)
Fax: 262-367-0989
Email: [email protected]
CAGE Code 342X6

1588 Arrow Highway, Unit F
La Verne, CA 91750-5334
Phone: 909-392-4757
Fax: 909-392-4802
Email Sales: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tangodown.com
Cage code: 3BLZ8

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Vltor TS3 Carbine (Vltor Tactical Sporter Carbine) with Vltor EMod “A5” Combo Kit Stock: Mid-Length DGI Tactical AR (AR-15) Carbine with Some Serious Features! by

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