VATEC Concealment Solutions (VCS) Flexible Multispectral 3D Combat Camouflage System: Texturized Individual and Vehicle Camouflage by Polaris Solutions (Israel) and ReadyOne Industries Conceals Your Visible-Light and Thermal/IR (Infrared) Signatures from the Enemy! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

June 21, 2015
Last updated on 6/24/15.

Speaking of IR (InfraRed) light tech at NDIA SOFIC 2015 (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2015), DefenseReview (DR) ran across some very interesting flexible 3D camouflage that’s multispectral, so it also works in the thermal/IR and near-IR/night-vision light spectrums, not just the visible light spectrum. Developed by Polaris Solutions in Israel and now manufactured and marketed by ReadyOne Industries under the VATEC Concealment Solutions (VCS) brand, the new 3-dimensional (or “tri-dimensional”) texturized flexible multi-spectral combat camouflage fabric material is actually three-dimensional in two aspects.

First, the flexible fabric itself is textured with a crinkly profile, so even when it’s laying flat, it’s got some depth, or multi-level aspect, to it. Second, the material can be formed into complex shapes, and keep those shapes, to mimic all types of natural or man-made terrain. Any current combat camouflage pattern or natural environment pattern taken from photographs can be applied to the core 3D-textured material, which, to DR’s understanding, is manufactured in sheets that can form just about any shape. You can see from the accompanying photographs that the VCS 3D camouflage can virtually perfectly match/mimic the natural or urban combat environment, whether it be foliage, rocks/boulders, a brick wall, etc. The company refers to the technology’s purpose as “multi-spectral concealment” and “portable battlefield cryptic signature and concealment”…and it’s wonderfully devious.

Anyway, it’s really cool, and DR finds it interesting that the Israelis came up with it, instead of us (United States). Then again, unlike us, Irael’s surrounded on all side by much larger enemy or frenemy states/countries, so they’ve got a much larger daily survival requirement to think about than we do. However, the good news is, it’s now being manufactured and marketed right here in the USA, so it’s Berry Compliant.

The ReadyOne Industries under the Polaris/VATEC 3D-textured multispectral camouflage fabric material can be integrated into uniforms and ghillie suits, sniper hides, vehicle camouflage, structural camouflage, you name it. Speaking of sniper hides, VATEC/ReadyOne’s Bill Fore told Defense Review that you can set up a sniper hide with it in about 25 minutes, which is pretty quick. Check out the video DR shot below to see just some of the things you can do with the VATEC combat camo.

Until you go to active/adaptive camouflage/cloaking tech like Hyperstealth Quantum Stealth (QS), ELTICS Black Fox, or BAE Systems ADAPTIVE stealth vehicle camo, the ReadyOne Industries under the VATEC Concealment Systems 3D multispectral camouflage system is likely one of the most advanced combat camo solutions you’re going to see. It seems to be the most advanced static/non-adaptive camouflage system we’ve actually seen with our own eyes, and touched with our own hands, so far.

Company Contact Info:

Bill Fore
Director of Sales and Business Development
VATEC Concealment Solutions (VCS)
ReadyOne Industries
11460 Pellicano
El Paso, TX 79936
Phone: 915-858-7277 Ext. 1111
Website 1:
Website 2:

Asaf Picciotto
VP Marketing
VATEC Concealment Solutions (VCS)
ReadyOne Industries and Polaris Solutions
Phone: 915-858-7277
Website 1:
Website 2:
Website 3:!__about-polaris

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VATEC Concealment Solutions (VCS) Flexible Multispectral 3D Combat Camouflage System: Texturized Individual and Vehicle Camouflage by Polaris Solutions (Israel) and ReadyOne Industries Conceals Your Visible-Light and Thermal/IR (Infrared) Signatures from the Enemy! (Video!) by

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