Tactical Revolution Atlas Beacon IR/VRB Lightweight, Throwable Waterproof Infared (IR) and Visible LED Tactical Illumination/Light Balls for Marking the Landing Zone or Enemy Target! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

June 17, 2015

As long as we’re on the subject of interesting Tactical Revolution products, we should perhaps also mention their Atlas Beacon IR (Infrared) (IRB) and standard visible-light Atlas Beacon (VRB) throwable, waterproof (and durable) light balls, which the company also displayed at the Source One Distributors (SOD) booth at NDIA SOFIC 2015 (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2015). If you like the idea of small, lightweight, durable and throwable tactical illumination balls for aerial team/unit identification, structural search status, landing zone and enemy target marking, and anything else you can think of, then the Tactical Revolution ATLAS Beacon variants may just be the balls for you, so you should get your hands on some. I mean…you know what I mean. They’re just really cool light-emitting balls for tactically illumating things.

The Atlas Beacon incorporates a translucent impact-resistant, waterproof (down to 200 feet, or approximately 60 meters) polymer housing and contains 4-LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights and electronics. They have a 14-day (336-hour) effective run time. Tactical Revolution president Timo Tervola was kind enough to demonstrate both versions (visible and IR) of the Atlas Beacon for DefenseReview (DR), which you can see in the embedded video that we shot, below. The visible-light Atlas Beacon is available in blue, red, green, yellow and white, and all the variants, including the IR variant, feature steady-on and blink modes. To activate the Atlas Beacon IR, just hold the nipple…um, I mean button, down until the red light comes on. As soon as the light goes off, you’ve got eight (8) seconds to throw the Atlas Beacon at an enemy target location to mark it for destruction by friendly ground forces and aircraft. Perfect for urban warfare operations.

The Tactical Revolution Atlas Beacon tactical illumination balls are attached to short Cordura nylon straps with polymer/plastic D-rings with parachute cord hanging off the other end for attaching to your combat/tactical gear, like a tactical armor plate carrier or pack. As of this writing, the Atlas Beacon IR (IRB) is currently $44.00 USD, and the visible-light Atlas Beacon (VRB) variants are currently $35.00 USD. The IR variant is more expensive due to the configuration of its internal electronics.

Defense Review likes this product, since it’s high-quality, utilitarian, lightweight, durable, waterproof, and relatively inexpensive, and it can make a SOF (Special Operations Forces) assaulter/operator’s life easier and better.

Company Contact Info:

Timo Tervola, President
Tactical Revolution
14924 Corporate Rd. S.
Jupiter, FL 33478
Toll Free: 877-476-7140
Email: info@tacticalrevolution.com
Website: http://tacticalrevolution.com

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Tactical Revolution Atlas Beacon IR/VRB Lightweight, Throwable Waterproof Infared (IR) and Visible LED Tactical Illumination/Light Balls for Marking the Landing Zone or Enemy Target! (Video!) by

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