MacroUSA Armadillo V2 Throwable Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) Tactical Robot Wins Innovation Award at Military European Land Robot (M-ELROB) 2010 Trial/Competition

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The following is a MacroUSA Corporation press release.

Hammelburg, Germany – May 20, 2010, MacroUSA Corporation was awarded the Special Jury’s “Innovation” award at the sixth biannual Military European Land Robot Trial 2010 (M-ELROB 2010) for their Armadillo V2 throwable micro unmanned ground vehicle (MUGV) tactical robot. ELROB is a trial that allows companies and universities to demonstrate and compare the capabilities of unmanned systems in realistic scenarios and terrain in trials organized and setup by military users. It is as close as possible to the typical military deployment scenario today.

MacroUSA is located in McClellan, California and specializes in Micro and Small Unmanned Vehicles and Surveillance Devices.

MacroUSA is quickly becoming the industry leader in Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicles”, Jim Malone, NuComm.

“The Armadillo V2 [tactical ground robot] is the smallest, lightest, and most rugged MUGV on the market utilizing COFDM video links on the market”, David Gomes, Ironhawk Technologies.

The ELROB “philosophy” is to provide an overview of the current state of affairs in European unmanned system technology and to evaluate commercial off-the-shelf products for military use. In this context the focus is on systems or modules that can be realized in the short to medium-term. The participation of universities, institutes, companies and capability developers not only of European armed forces allows users, developers as well as representatives of trade and industry to congregate as a community.

In attendance from MacroUSA was Mr. Robin Castelli (Executive VP of Business Development), Mr. Chris Vilter (VP), and Mr. Peter Stolwerk (MacroEurope).  Mr. Castelli, team leader for MacroUSA, commented on the ELROB trials:

“It is both a pleasure and honour to participate in what is, personally, my third ELROB event. The organization was impeccable and I wish to thank the organizers and Jury for a truly magnificent event bringing together the most advanced robotics technology from academia and industry. The ELROB has been a great tool to bridge the gap between universities, industry and users and instrumental in developing UGV platforms that can respond to the real needs of our troops deployed in the different theatres of operation. We will definitely attend future ELROB events!”

MacroUSA ElRob 2010 Team Information for Armadillo M-UGV (Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Scorpion S-UGV (Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle) (PDF Format)

Company Contact Info:

Chris Vilter, VP
Phone: 916-333-5950
Web: or

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MacroUSA Armadillo V2 Throwable Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV) Tactical Robot Wins Innovation Award at Military European Land Robot (M-ELROB) 2010 Trial/Competition by

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