Israel Developing ‘Bionic Hornet’ to Target and Kill Enemy Combatants

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Nanotechnology Goes Lethal

by David Crane
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Reuters is reporting that Israel is utilizing nanotechnology to develop a "bionic hornet" (i.e. flying micro robot) capable of targeting, chasing, photographing and killing enemy combatants/insurgents/terrorists. Basically Israel has decided to go with lethal nanotech based on their recent and rather unpleasant and costly experience in fighting Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon. The Israelis have apparently come to the realization that it’s not economically feasible to employ $50-100 million aircraft (all loaded up) to fight Hizbollah fighters armed with rocket ATGMs (Anti-Tank Guided Missiles).

It would appear that the idea is to create a…

swarm of flying microbots (a.k.a. "bionic hornets") to navigate through city streets alleys and buildings to fly suicide missions into the bad guys and explode (just a guess), essentially making them like little micro kamikazes. Lethal nanotech, if you will.
The Israelis believe they can have a functional prototype within three years.

Israel is also reportedly developing "super gloves" that would give the wearer "bionic man"-type strength and miniature sensors to detect homicide bombers (a.k.a. suicide bombers).

DefenseReview will report back as we learn more about the flying microbot tech and other Israeli military and security-related nanotech warfare and security projects.

Israel Developing ‘Bionic Hornet’ to Target and Kill Enemy Combatants by

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