Samsung Developing Armed Sentry Robot for Security Missions (Video!)

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Samsung has partnered with Korea University to develop a stationary machine gun-armed sentry robot for border security missions. The robot utilizes an ambient light camera and thermal/IR (infrared) camera (both with zoom feature), as well as sophisticated pattern-recognition software for target identification, tracking, and engagement. DefenseReview doesn’t yet know what type of machine gun the robot employs, but it’s being reported that the machine gun is currently chambered in 5.56mm NATO (5.56x45mm NATO) caliber.

Projected cost for the Samsung armed sentry/security robot is approx. $200,000 USD. Projected availability date is late 2007. It’s being reported that the South Korean government plans to deploy multiple robots to the South Korea/North Korea border.

Defense Review has several immediate thoughts. First, if South Korea decides to…

go with the stationary robot concept instead of mobile robots a.k.a. UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), they should consider utilizing tracks so the robots can be moved right-to-left as necessary, and thus have at least linear mobility. Secondly, they should consider a version armed with a 7.62mm NATO (7.62x51mm NATO) caliber machine gun instead of 5.56mm for greater range, penetration, and lethality. DefRev has two different types of 7.62mm machine guns in mind that we feel would work quite well, by the way. Finally, they should also add a image intensification (I2)/night vision (NV) camera if they haven’t already, so they have complete multi-spectral viewing capability.

Click here to watch a video of the Samsung Armed Sentry Robot in action.

(Source: via TechEBlog)

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Samsung Developing Armed Sentry Robot for Security Missions (Video!) by

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