Line of Fire LOF Phantom Combat/Tactical Glove: Seamless Dyneema Cut-Resistant Combat/Tactical Shooting Gloves with Hard Knuckles and Fingers and Silicone Gripping Material (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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August 23, 2013
Last updated on 8/24/13.

Line of Fire (LOF) recently came out with a seriously-badass tactical glove (tactical shooting glove) at SHOT Show 2013 called the "Phantom", and DefenseReview (DR) just obtained a pair. The LOF Phantom Tactical Glove is made from Dyneema ballistic fiber, so it's Level-V (Level-5) cut-resistant and Level-IV (Level-4) abrasion-resistant. The glove also sports hard knuckles and fingers made from a hard-rubber-type thermopolyurethane (TPU) polymer for striking and general outer-hand protection, as well as silicone print gripping material on the palm and fingers. The Phantom’s Velcro wrist strap is well-executed.

The LOF Phantom Tactical Glove is designed to fit snug on on the hand and flush on the fingers for maximum dexterity and tactile feedback. Because of the way it fits and forms to the hand, it makes for a seemingly-ideal tactical shooting glove without requiring the wearer to cut out the finger pad portion of the index finger. the rubber stippling on the index finger pad section should enhance contact grip on the trigger.

The Phantom Glove also very comfortable, thanks to its seamless construction and the stretchy woven Dyneema fabric that's both soft and breathes well. The Phantom lets A LOT of air through, which should theoretically also allow them to dry quickly. As breathable as it is, though, the level-5 cut-resistant Dyneema fabric will, according to the company (Line Of Fire), protect against knife and razor blade slashes.

Defense Review has been running the LOF Stryker combat/tactical glove with proprietary LOF TEGS gecko-like biomimetic gripping surface for over a year now, and we love it, but it's significantly larger and bulkier than the Phantom, which appears to be even higher-speed and lower-drag, and is even lower-pro/lower-vis (lower visibility/lower-profile), except for the more prominent and dynamic outer hand protection (hardened knuckles and fingers).

LOF's Brian Miller informed DR that they can modify many of their gloves, including the LOF Phantom, with a special process that allows the fabric to activate touchscreen displays on smartphones and tablets, just like the Condor Syncro Tactical Glove, which DR recently covered. Line of Fire calls this touchscreen-activating technology SENSA-TOUCH.

DR can't wait to run the LOF Phantom Tactical Gloves at the range.

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Line of Fire LOF Phantom Combat/Tactical Glove: Seamless Dyneema Cut-Resistant Combat/Tactical Shooting Gloves with Hard Knuckles and Fingers and Silicone Gripping Material (Video!) by

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