Tactical Command Industries TCI Liberator III ITJCS-TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection for Military Airborne and Ground Ops (Video!)

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By David Crane
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August 19, 2013
Last updated on 8/19/13.

Tactical Command Industries (TCI) has a cool secure dual-tactical-comms (tactical communications) headset with digital hearing protection and low-mounted antenna system called the TCI Liberator III ITJCS-TACP/JTAC that cought DefenseReview's (DR) interest at SHOT Show 2013. Jim Price of TCI was kind enough to take us through the system in some detail. The system essentially builds upon previous versions of the system to create a holistic air assault/ground assault version for military Special Operations Forces (SOF) assaulters/operators that can be used during both HAHO/HALO military freefall missions AND ground ops including urban warfare, mountain warfare, jungle warfare and direct-action missions involving dynamic CQB/CQC (Close Quarters Battle/Close Quarters Combat).

The TCI Liberator III ITJCS-TACP/JTAC tactical headset therefore "increases the amount of layers an operator can utilize." The freefall setup of the system, or the "infiltration layer", as TCI calls it, connects to an oxygen (O2) system for breathing at high altitude, while of course integrating with the base Liberator III tactical headset system and push-to-talk (PTT) button component. While using the oxygen mask layer, the tactical headset mounted microphone, which is permanently mounted, is deactivated. Using the PTT and dual-comm system, he can talk to his unit AND the air crew, separately and securely.

The TCI Liberator III ITJCS-TACP/JTAC tactical headset enables the assaulter to jump with all his ground combat gear (including his combat helmet) already on him, communicating with his team the whole way down while under canopy. Once he lands on the ground, the assaulter/operator can now simply discard his oxygen mask layer and parachute system, and start fighting immediately with no delay or distractions. Specifically, he just has to disconnect the mask from the Liberator III PTT, take it off, bag his parachute, pull the Liberator III boom mic down, and he's in ground config (configuration).

The TCI Liberator III ITJCS-TACP/JTAC tactical headset system's dual antenna system is low-mounted on either side of the operator's back, so as not to interfere with his mobility or weapon handling and shooting. Two antennas are necessary for running two radios, thus the "dual-comms" aspect. TCI supplies the low-mount pouches and cables, which attach to the operator's tactical armor plate carrier system (body armor) via MOLLE attachment. TCI thus just "makes the antennas better". The complete system is very durable.

The helmet the TCI demo dummy had on at SHOT was an Ops Core FAST Ballistic Helmet. Instead of attaching to the FAST helmet's rail system, TCI has opted for a nylon-mounted solution that integrates with the velcro on the helmet/helmet cover for enhanced rail space (for other accessories), increased strength/durability and a better fit. The Liberator III tactical headset also utilizes a behind-the-head strap.

The nylon strap mounting system also allows the operator to separate the Liberator III headset from the helmet and wear it as a stand-alone system. He can also lower the velcroed nylon strap in seconds to allow him to move the earcup off his ears for increased ventilation and comfort, while still hearing the radio well enough to continue communicating. He can then cinch the nylon strap back up on the helmet to retighten it in seconds, when necessary.

Company Contact Info:

Don Medine or Patricia Medine
Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI)
P.O. Box 70
Gilmanton, NH 03237-0070
Phone: 603-418-8705
Toll Free 1: 888-990-1600
Toll Free 2: 877-792-8266 (SWAT-COM)
Fax: 866-255-9414
Email Don Medine: don.medine@tacticalcommand.com
Email Patti Medine: patti.medine@tacticalcommand.com
Website: http://www.tacticalcommandstore.com

(Office Hours M-F 9 AM-5 PM EST)

Manufacturing, Product Support and Customer Service:
Including: Customer Service, Production, Quality Control, and Repair Department

Key Personnel at this Location:

Lucy Ordaz | Linda Wouters | Brad Medine | Pablo Hernandez
Tactical Command Industries, Inc. (TCI)
2150 Elkins Way
Brentwood, CA 94509
Phone: 925-219-1097
Fax: 925-219-1719 Fax
Email: support@tacticalcommand.com
Website: http://www.tacticalcommandstore.com

(Office Hours M-F 9 AM-5 PM PST)

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Tactical Command Industries TCI Liberator III ITJCS-TACP/JTAC Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset with Integrated Digital Hearing Protection for Military Airborne and Ground Ops (Video!) by

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