Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 Pro Series CORE (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) Standard and Long-Slide Competition/Combat/Tactical Pistol Models with Min-Red Dot Combat Optics!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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July 25, 2013

While FN Herstal has yet to develop a FNX Tactical series combat pistol in 9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO caliber, the Smith & Wesson (S&W) Performance Center has the S&W M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E. (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) series pistols ready to go. Like the FNX-45 combat pistol, can mount a mini-red dot combat optic (optical sight) forward of the extra-high, co-witnessed rear fixed sight (iron sight). Two of those M&P CORE pistols are the Smith & Wesson M&P9L Pro Series C.O.R.E. 9mm long-slide 9mm competition/tactical pistol and Smith & Wesson M&P9 Pro Series C.O.R.E. standard model 9mm competition/tactical pistol, both of which we got to handle at SHOT Show 2013.

DefenseReview (DR) got to new pistols with a plethora of min-red dot optical gunsights (pistol sights) on them, including the Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sight, the EOTech MRDS Mini Red Dot Sight, the Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED Sight, and the C-MORE Systems STS (Small Tactical Sight) Red Dot Sight. Mini-red-dot optical sights have been on competition pistols for years, and seem to become more popular and acceptable on combat/tactical pistols every year, particularly now that a number of companies are making high-quality combat optics of this type and pistol manufacurers are manufacturing the slides of their guns with areas milled out to accept them (optical sights). Red dot sights have the advantage of sheer speed, while fixed iron sights have the advantage of ruggedness but the latest red dot sights have all been ruggedized pretty well, and seem to be fairly tough.

Defense Review is curious though how S&W Performance Center M&P triggers stack up against the latest APEX Tactical Specialties (ATS) M&P triggers, and how all of these premium M&P triggers really stack up against cutom Glock pistol triggers like Salient Arms International (SAI) is doing. Speaking of Salient Arms, DR has published a couple of articles on their interesting high-end custom pistols, and we handled and photographed some of their latest M&P and Glock pistols at SHOT Show 2013. We were really impressed with these latest guns, so we'll try to publish our photos of them, along with some background information on them, soon. In the meantime, though, we can say that while the triggers on the Salient M&P and Glock pistols were both terrific with ultra-smooth actions/pulls, it's our opinion that the Glock trigger still has an advantage with regard to the trigger-reset strength and feel. There's just something about that Glock trigger that must be very difficult-to-impossible to replicate.

DR plans to write about the advantages and disadvantages between the S&W M&P and Glock pistols in the upcoming Salient Arms piece.

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Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 Pro Series CORE (Competition Optics Ready Equipment) Standard and Long-Slide Competition/Combat/Tactical Pistol Models with Min-Red Dot Combat Optics! by

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