Glock 30S (G30S) Compact .45 ACP Semi-Auto High-Capacity Combat/Tactical Pistol for Concealed Carry (CCW) Applications and Undercover Operations: Glock 36 Slide Meets Glock 30SF Frame! (Video!)

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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March 24, 2013

This one should really upset the anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment folks over at ABC News and Nightline. Glock recently introduced a new compact .45 ACP pistol model called the Glock 30S (G30S) at SHOT Show 2013. The new semi-auto pistol was created by running a Glock 36 (G36) slide on a Glock 30SF (G30SF) frame, giving the end-user a narrower/thinner-profile slide for more comfortable and discreet concealed carry (CCW). The G30S pistol was developed specifically for a law enforcement undercover unit at the unit's request, but like all semi-auto Glock pistols, it's available to civilians.

The Glock 30S compact combat/tactical pistol is already in production and should prove to be a winner, provided it offers the same level of reliability, accuracy and durability as the rest of the Glock pistol line–and there's no reason to believe it won't. Glock pistols have built their whole reputation on those three attributes, as well as being the most battle-proven of all the polymer-framed pistols/handguns. Standard mag (magazine) capacity is 10 rounds, but the G30S pistol will of course accept 13-round Glock 21 (G21) /Glock 21SF (G21SF) mags.

And, as anyone who owns a Glock pistol can tell you, magazine extensions are available for pretty much all Glock pistol magazines. That includes the G21 mags, of course. So, you can add a +2 (2-round) magazine extension, or even a KRISS +17 (17-round) magazine extension, giving you a potential total on-board capacity of 30+1 rounds (i.e., 31 rounds, total) in your Glock 30S pistol, not to mention spare mags for reloads. Not bad for a .45ACP pistol (or any caliber pistol, for that matter)!

That's enough to give the anti-gun-biased folks over at Nightline (ABC News) a veritable conniption. As alluded to at the top of this article, ABC Nightline recently aired an anti-Glock/anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment hit piece/disinformation campagaign masquerading as a news story. You can watch it below (bottom/last embedded video clip). It's pretty clear who's side they're on, and it's not the side of gun-owners and the Constitution. Basically your garden-variety (liberal/leftist) mainstream media bias at work. By the way, in case you think we here at DefenseReview (DR) are the only ones teasing and criticizing the Nightline crew on their recent reportage of various events, think again. In case anyone reading this is somehow under the impression that the anti-Second Amendment and Joe Biden-parroting Terry Moran is a broadcast-journalism genius or the second coming of Ted Koppel, we'd recommend you check out The Jimmy Dore Show's (TJDS) humorous take on Terry Moran's unique reporting accumen (heavy sarcasm)–and hairdo–during Hurricane Sandy. Pretty entertaining stuff. Basically, the two guys on that show destroy Moran, just like Larry O’Connor of Breitbart News argues he’s (Moran) destroyed Nightline.

For the record, the Nightline piece, which attempted to cast Glock Inc. in a negative light, actually had the opposite effect on us. It made us want to go out and buy some more Glock pistols. The fact is, Glock pistols are great products that work exactly as advertised, and they've saved a lot of lives, often without the trigger having to be pulled. I've personally experienced this in Miami, where I've had to draw/deploy my Glock 19 (G19) on several occasions to defend myself and others. Fortunately, I never had to fire a shot at the aggressor(s), thank God.

A number of years ago while channeling my inner rapper, I jokingly told a friend of mine that "all I need is a fist full o' green and my Glock 19" (copyright David Crane). It was a spontaneous quote said in jest, but it was memorable enough that it stuck with me. I never forgot it. While the quote is of course a bit overly simplistic, if you have a decent amount of money at your disposal and a Glock pistol on your hip (legally), you're probably doing something right and are going to be significantly better off than if you don't, all things considered. Money plus firearms equals freedom, provided you also have your health.

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Glock 30S (G30S) Compact .45 ACP Semi-Auto High-Capacity Combat/Tactical Pistol for Concealed Carry (CCW) Applications and Undercover Operations: Glock 36 Slide Meets Glock 30SF Frame! (Video!) by

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