MagPul PMAGs Falling from the Sky: MagPul Boulder Airlift Operation Delivering Freedom (through PMAG 30-Round Magazines) to Coloradans!

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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Image Credit: MagPul Industries

March 6, 2013
Last updated 3/06/13.

A World War II (WWII)-era supply aircraft with a MagPul Industries logo on its side drops MagPul PMAG 30-round polymer mags from the sky. A little girl in pigtails catches one, smiling at her luck. Freedom is both literally and symbolically at hand. This is the visual image representing MagPul's heroic effort to supply as many standard-capacity (30-round) magazines to free Coloradans as possible before the virulent anti-Second Amendment/anti-freedom legislation of the gun-grabbing forces (i.e., Democrats) in their state deny them their natural and Constitutional right to purchase them. The gun-control bill, likely to soon become law, will probably turn out to be found unconstitutional at some point, but MagPul isn't waiting. This is war, a war that's been declared on them and the people of Colorado by the forces of American disarmament and population subjugation. MagPul and gun-owning Coloradans are now fighting tyranny through legislation, oppression through legislative fiat.

MagPul's calling their emergency magazine supply operation the Boulder Airlift, a play on the Berlin Airlift. Law-abiding Coloradans will, for the time being, get priority over all other customers. If you're a Colorado law enforcement officer (LEO), you will have to take another oath to protect and defend the Second and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. This is better than nothing, but in DefenseReview's (DR) opinion, the policy doesn’t go far enough. Any Colorado LEO can promise the company that he (or she) will defend people's Constitutional rights, receive their mags, and then promptly proceed to violate them at the order of their superiors. Therefore, in our opinion, MagPul should follow either Barrett Firearms' or Bravo Company Manufacturing's (BCM) model, and all other firearms and magazine manufacturers should do likewise. The former is stopping sales to any/all law enforcement organizations in states that pass new Draconian gun-control legislation (like gun bans), and the latter is limiting those organizations to the same tactical hardware/technology to which the civilians of that state are limited.

While DR prefers Barrett's no-holds-barred sledgehammer approach, we'll settle for BCM's more elegant ball-peen-hammer solution. Both are good. Both will probably be effective. One just hits bigger and harder. "No mags for the citizenry, no mags for LEOs" or "if you're Colorado SWAT, you don't get SQUAT" is the optimal policy if the law passes, but "the same mags for LEOs as civilians" will suffice. Anything else is too lenient, in our opinion. That said, it's MagPul's right to do business as it pleases (as long as it's operating within the law, of course). The Boulder Airlift is certainly a good and honorable start, and we salute them for it.

May God bless the good people of Colorado…and MagPul. Let's just hope the company moves to follow Barrett Firearms or BCM's lead–and the hell out of Colorado.

All major firearms companies must unite, for united we stand, and divided we fall. Ben Franklin got it right. Join or Die…slowly.

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Erie, CO 80516
Phone: 303-828-3460
Toll Free: 877-462-4785
Fax: 303-828-3469
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MagPul PMAGs Falling from the Sky: MagPul Boulder Airlift Operation Delivering Freedom (through PMAG 30-Round Magazines) to Coloradans! by

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