Latest-Gen Bad Company Tactical Rapid Retention System (BCT R2S) Combat/Tactical Weapons Holster/Mounting System and BCT Montesquieu Magazine Rack (MMR) Modular Rifle Mag Carrier/Pouch Rack for Combat/Tactical Pistols and AR-15 Carbine/SBR’s (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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February 20, 2014
Last updated on 3/04/14.

Last June (2013), DefenseReview (DR) published an article on a prototype/Gen-1 version of the Bad Company Tactical (BCT) Rapid Retention System (R2S), which is a new, patented weapon-mounting/holstersing system that utilizes the weapon's (pistol or carbine/SBR/sub-carbine) Mil-Std-1913 "Picatinny" rail system to attach the R2S fast-attach component and then slide and lock his pistol or slide his carbine/SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) into his the R2S mounting/holster system. When mounted on a combat/tactical (or competition) pistol, the R2S provides an additional surface for leverage for the support-hand thumb (left thumb for righties), so it can actually aid in fast, accurate shooting when you have to fire rapid multi-shot strings.

So, DR was very interested to see the latest-gen version of the BCT R2S at SHOT Show 2014. Michelle Melville of Bad Company Tactical (BCT) was kind enough to take us through both it and the new BCT Montesquieu Magazine Rack (MMR) modular pistol and rifle mag carrier/pouch rack systemfor AR-15 magazines (30-round mags). The R2S and MMR are both very well-designed and easy to use. Their slick design and operation are obvious in the embedded videos below, so we suggest you watch them. The R2S' and MMR's modularity and versatility allow the end-user to set the system up according to his/her needs, whether he/she is a righty or lefty.

Defense Review particularly likes the tactical/combat pistol R2S' ("R2S Pistol Variant") standard thumb-activated retention system, as well as its drop-leg holster capability for those that need or prefer it. A drop holster can potentially be necessary for, or preferred by, assaulters/tactical operators wearing a tactical armor plate carrier carrier/tactical vest as the vest can interfere with an easy/fast pistol draw.

We also really like the BCT MMR lightweight AR-15 mag carrier/pouch mounting system that appears to offer good retention on the mags, and yet still be an open-top system allowing for very fast mag changes/weapon reloads.

In DR's opinion, the BCT R2S and MMR are potentially both very important products for Mil/LE tactical operators, civilian tactical shooters and tactical 3-Gun competitive shooters (and IPSC and IDPA shooters). They're definitely worth a serious look by anyone looking for a lightweight, fast and modular mounting system/holster system for pistols, carbine/SBR/sub-carbines and rifle mags. They're two very cool products, and both were designed and developed by BCT CEO Toby Melville. It should be noted that Mr. Melville is an active-duty U.S. military SOF (Special Operations Forces) assaulter/operator and DR writer/contributor.

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Bad Company Tactical (BCT)
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Latest-Gen Bad Company Tactical Rapid Retention System (BCT R2S) Combat/Tactical Weapons Holster/Mounting System and BCT Montesquieu Magazine Rack (MMR) Modular Rifle Mag Carrier/Pouch Rack for Combat/Tactical Pistols and AR-15 Carbine/SBR’s (Video!) by

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