Angstadt Arms Vanquish Baffleless, Fully-Rifled and Integrally-Suppressed 9mm AR-15-Type Rifle/Carbine Demonstrated at TriggrCon 2022

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

October 9, 2022

Gotta’ hand this one to TFB (, as they shot some nice video of the new Angstadt Arms Vanquish baffleless integrally-suppressed 9mm AR-15-type rifle/carbine at TriggerCon 2022 in Kansas of all places. How does the Vanquish achieve this unsuppressed sound suppression? Well, it uses the barrel’s length combined with gas ports strategically placed along that length to suppress the sound without having to rely on a conventional suppressor, baffles, etc. And, the barrel is completely rifled along its length. Pretty interesting.

You can by the Vanquish barrel/suppressor by itself, as a complete AR upper receiver, or as a complete rifle, starting at around the “end of the year” (2022) or Q1 2023. The price of these is still to be determined, but designer/developer Rich Angstadt says these prices will be very reasonable for what you’re getting, i.e., good bang for the buck, so to speak.

DefenseReview (DR) likes the look of this thing (Angstadt Arms Vanquish suppressed 9mm carbine), It looks really fun to shoot, and like it would make for a great pistol-caliber home-defense carbine. We really dig it.

Editor’s Note: The Angstadt Arms UDP-9 (9mm) and UDP-45 (.45 ACP) sub-carbine-type pistols look rather interesting to us as well, and we like that they use standard Glock mags.

Company Contact Info:

Angstadt Arms
701 Atando Ave, STE E
Charlotte, NC 28206
Phone: 704-200-9352
Email Contact Page:

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Angstadt Arms Vanquish Baffleless, Fully-Rifled and Integrally-Suppressed 9mm AR-15-Type Rifle/Carbine Demonstrated at TriggrCon 2022 by

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