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Thunder Beast Fly9 (also written Fly 9) Modular Titanium .300 Blackout (.300BLK)/9mm Parabellum Silencer/Sound Suppressor for Hush-Hush Ops!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

Image(s) Credit(s): Thunder Beast Arms Corporation

August 15, 2022

A company called Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC) just introduced a very interesting new lightweight, modular and full-auto-capable .300BLK (Blackout)/9mm (9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO) silencer/sound suppressor called the Fly 9 (or Fly9), and it’s definitely worth checking out. The Fly9 muzzle can utilizes a titanium body and can be configured in two different lengths, “Long” and “Short”, depending on your mission profile and requirements. Even in the “Long” configuration, you’re only looking at 7″ (7 inches) and 7.9 oz (ounces). In the “Short” config, you’re looking at only 4.4″ (4.4 inches) and 5.5 oz, including the 17-4 steel piston. The two configurations add only 6.6″ and 4.0″ in OAL (OverAll Length) to the total weapon length, respectively.

Oh, and get this, if you’re using Freedom Munitions “HUSH” or Ammo Incorporated “stelTH” 165gr subsonic 9mm ammo, the Fly9’s muzzle and ear dB (decibel) levels are only 137 dB. Impressive. That said (or in this case, written), the Fly 9 suppressor’s rated for .300 Blackout supersonic ammo from 8″ (8-inch) and longer barrels, and .300 BLK subsonic ammo from 5.5″ (5.5-inch) and longer barrels. AND, the Fly9 was torture tested as follows:

Our test regimen was three 32-round Glock magazines fired from a select-fire subgun: the first two mags bursts, and the last mag full auto. We torture tested this for 30 cycles and the suppressor was perfect afterwards. After some consultation, we believe this exceeds all PCC/Subgun loadouts.

Reads pretty good. That’s one tough can.

Then, there’s this:

The FLY 9 ships with a 1/2-28 piston and a fixed barrel spacer (spring replacement). For high temperature durability, we are using specially-made 17-7 wave springs in the booster. It is compatible with the Rugged/Griffin/SilencerCo/TBAC standard pistons.

Anyway, click here to get the full skinny on the TBAC Fly9 .300BLK/9mm marvelous modular muzzle can. It’s packed full of info, and it’s a good read.

Click here to see the Fly9’s suppression data chart.

Company Contact Info:

Thunder Beast Arms Corporation (TBAC)
8214 Hutchins Dr.
Cheyenne, WY 82007
Main Office Phone: 307-543-7818
Alternate Phone: 307-287-2052
General Inquiries:
Dealer and Commercial Sales:
Tech Support:

Freedom Munitions
Corporate Campus
Lewiston, ID – CORP
815 D St
Lewiston, ID 83501
Phone: 208-746-3668
Email Contact Page:

Ammo Incorporated
7681 East Gray Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Corporate Headquarters: 480.947.0001
Consumer Support: 855.601.8199
Dealer Support: 855.343.6160
Info Email:
Dealer Sales Email:

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Thunder Beast Fly9 (also written Fly 9) Modular Titanium .300 Blackout (.300BLK)/9mm Parabellum Silencer/Sound Suppressor for Hush-Hush Ops! by

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