SSFN ExtremePro LandCamo Terrain-Specific/Mission-Specific Digital Combat Camouflage Patterns

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

April 9, 2011

Combat camouflage (combat camo), or tactical camouflage (tactical camo), has been a DefenseReview (DR) area of interest  for a number of years. DR also follows the latest developments in the area of soldier systems, including soldier gear, as much as we can. The website Soldier Systems comes in very handy in this regard, as they do it full-time, 24/7/365. Recently, they reported on a somewhat esoteric digital combat camo line called ExtremePro Camouflage, which is marketed by The School of Survival From Nature (SSFN).

ExtremePro Camouflage, the brainchild of combat survival instructor Brane T. Cervek, immediately reminded Defense Review of A-TACS Advanced Tactical Concealment System digital combat camouflage, which was developed by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS). We can’t figure out where Cervek is base out of, at present, Australia or Slovenia. We think it’s Slovenia, but who knows? We’re more curious as to how such an esoteric foreign-developed combat camo like ExtremePro made it onto Soldier Systems’ radar, and then actually made it onto the site. Was it submitted for the impeding Army Camo solicitation? The Soldier Systems piece was unclear about that. It might just be Soldier Systems’ meticulousness and desire to cover all things camo at play. So what’s our excuse for reporting on it? Well, we just like combat camo patterns, and the ExtremePro stuff looks cool enough. Usually, when we publish info on a virtually or totally-unknown product made by a small company, it’s because we think the product is interesting and/or potentially important in some way. This may be the case with Soldier Systems and ExtremePro LandCamo.

The ultimate question, of course, is whether or not it’s any good and actually works as advertised. We don’t know, yet. DR visited the SSFN website, and we were unable to find a company address or phone number anywhere on it, including their contact page. This usually sends up an immediate red flag with us, and makes us skeptical about both the company and the product (in SSFN’s defense, Digital Concealment Systems doesn’t supply a contact phone number, either.). However, we do trust Soldier Systems, so if they deem it worthy of their reportage, than we figure it must be legit (unconfirmed/unverified).

Assuming the ExtremePro LandCamo combat camo patterns are legit, how do they stack up against the aforementioned A-TACS? DefenseReview recently viewed and handled A-TACS camouflage patterned tactical clothing/garments at the Propper booth at SHOT Show 2011, so it would appear that A-TACS is already commercially available, which means there should already be some folks out there running it.

SSFN is offering a number of terrain-specific/mission-specific versions of ExtremePro digital combat camo, known as “LandCamo Combat Camouflage Patterns“, including:

LandCamo Extreme Sniper-1 (Sniper-3D)
LandCamo Desert Tiger-3D
LandCamo Jungle Tiger-3D
LandCamo XQB-3D Extreme-3D
LandCamo CQB-3D
LandCamo SUB-3D
LandCamo SF-ONE-3D

Photo(s) Credit: SSFN

Company Contact Info:
Brane T. Cervek
Combat Survival Instructor
The School of Survival From Nature (SSFN)
Somewhere in Slovenia?
[email protected]

Digital Concealment Systems, LLC.
P.O. Box 2201
Columbus, Georgia, USA 31900-2201
Office Phone: 334-448-5442
General Info Email: [email protected]
Email Steve: [email protected]

Propper ECommerce Inc.
17 Research Park Drive, Suite 100
Weldon Spring, MO 63304
eCommerce Phone: 866-433-9690
Government/GSA Sales Phone: 636-685-1059
eCommerce Email: [email protected]

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SSFN ExtremePro LandCamo Terrain-Specific/Mission-Specific Digital Combat Camouflage Patterns by

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