Crye Precision MultiCam Multi-Environment Camo Coating for Tactical Small Arms

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by David Crane

The digital photos featured in this article (below) were taken by, and are the exclusive property of Click on photos to view them full-size.

While we’re on the subject of camouflage coatings/paint we thought we would share the following digital photos with our readers. They’re pics of the (5.56x45mm/.223 Rem) Lewis Machine & Tool Monolithic Rail Platform/Quick-Change Barrel System Close Quarters Battle subcarbine (or, LMT MRP/QCBS CQB subcarbine) coated/finished with Crye Associates/Crye Precision MultiCam Multi-Environment Camouflage firearms finish/coating. DefenseReview took them at SHOT Show 2005.

The weapon in the pics is equipped/outfitted with an EOTech 551.A65/1 HOLOgraphic Weapons Sight (HWS)/HOLOgraphic Diffraction Sight (HDS), Lewis Machine & Tool (LMT) SOPMOD Buttstock (telescoping/retractable), and what appears to be a TangoDown Vertical BattleGrip (vertical foregrip). DefRev actually prefers the EOTech 552.A65/1 HWS/HDS, which accepts AA lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries and has a longer battery life (1100 hours) than the previously-mentioned 551 model, which takes N alkaline batteries (200 hours).

Here they are:…

Crye Precision can be contacted by phone at 718-246-3838, by fax at 718-246-3833, and by email at Ask for Gregg Thompson. You can email Gregg directly, appropriately enough, at

Crye Precision MultiCam Multi-Environment Camo Coating for Tactical Small Arms by

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