LPS Teams with Major U.S. Defense Contractor to Develop DREAD Centrifuge Weapon

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by David Crane

Ever since DefenseReview first ran the exclusive on Leader Propulsion Systems’ (LPS) DREAD Weapon System/MPDS (Multiple Projecile Delivery System) centrifuge weapon system (or, centrifuge gun) it has attracted wide interest from both the military and private sectors in the U.S. and overseas.

Leader Propulsion Systems (LPS) just informed DefRev that it has signed up with…

a large U.S. "defense entity" (i.e. large U.S. defense contractor) to fully develop the DREAD technology in both lethal and less-lethal applications. This strategic partnership will also enable Leader to begin developing a family of gas-operated lightweight weapons chambered in .50 BMG (12.7x99mm), .338 Lapua, .300 Winchester Magnum and 7.62x51mm Nato (.308 Win.). According to Leader, this new development program will result in a family of weapons that will utilize, according to the company, a "revolutionary" and proprietary recoil attenuation/mitigation system. This system will also be used in a man-portable 25mm lightweight weapon system that LPS will also be developing.

Defense Review is not currently at liberty to disclose any additional information on the DREAD development program to our readers. However, once we are, we’ll inform our readers immediately, and continue to do so regarding any new significant developments, so stay tuned.

Click here to read DefRev’s original article on the DREAD Weapon System/Mulitiple Projectile Delivery System (MPDS), a.k.a. the centrifuge weapon, or centrifuge gun, titled "World Exclusive Video! DREAD Weapon System: Devastating, Jam-Proof, and Silent."

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LPS Teams with Major U.S. Defense Contractor to Develop DREAD Centrifuge Weapon by

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