DREAD Centrifuge Weapon System (Centrifuge Gun). Letters from the Inventor.

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Some of our readers, after reading my article on the DREAD Centrifuge Weapon (Centrifuge Gun), titled World Exclusive Video! DREAD Weapon System: Devastating, Jam-Proof, and Silent., are under the impression that the DREAD creates a gyroscopic effect, or somehow acts like a gyroscope.

According to Charles St. George, the DREAD’s inventor, the DREAD does NOT create/cause ANY gyroscopic forces or effects, whatsoever. To put it another way, the DREAD does NOT act like a gyroscope. So, the DREAD will NOT have ANY adverse effect on the mounting vehicle’s maneuverability, even while the DREAD is being fired on its highest rpm and velocity settings. NO adverse effect. None, whatsoever. I can’t make it any clearer than that.

Unlike a gyroscope, the DREAD has no…

spinning outer ring. Also, the DREAD’s housing (top and bottom) is heavier than the internal spinning/rotating mechanism itself. That’s all I will say about it, for now.

Over the last few days, Defense Review has received several emails from Mr. St. George. Here’s one of them, describing the DREAD’s method of operation (re: firing):

"I think this explanation will describe how the DREAD works:

Get any regular 3 speed fan and switch it on. You’ll be able to rotate, twist and in fact do any movement with the fan. Now attach a 1/2 inch dia ball to the end of each fan blade with some masking tape and swith the fan on. At the high speed RPM. the G-Forces will tear away the balls from the masking tape and sling the balls in any direction. There will be NO RECOIL generated by the departuring balls.

The only drawback is the balls will fly in any un-controlled 360 degreee direction. The DREAD system controls the balls departure and ensures their release in a straight line, one hehind the other as per the video.



This is what Mr. St. George had to say about the unsuccessful centrifuge guns designed during the early to mid 20th century:

"Good evening, David. Read the comments from the individuals. Interesting that we show a video that shows 50 rounds being let loose and the weapon shows no evidence of recoiling rearwards. Unfortunately, they confuse the laws of physics. Your answer was correct. The recoil is actually totally absorbed by the weapon’s rotational system and as such, does not transfer any felt recoil to the user/operator.

In reference to the Moors centrifuge gun, the guy got himself all confused. This centrifuge gun was not adopted for the following reasons:

– Required Bulky battery and did not use motor.
– Totally inaccurate due to side baffles that deflected the projectiles.
– This system, unlike the DREAD had no control over the departure of the balls from the spoked tubes.
– The noise as the balls hit the baffles, which were damaged quickly, was not suitable and the weapon had no accuracy whatsoever.

It never proceeded further because the war came to an end.

The DREAD technology is the only centrifuge weapon ever concieved that releases the projectiles in a line, one ball behind the other.
I am going to photo copy a bunch a patents covering proposed centrifuge guns and mail them to you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the reading and in most respects the futile attempts of some inventors, who I’m sure were sincere in their convictions, but who never proved their designs with prototype constructions.



Charles St. George, inventor of the DREAD/MPDS (Multiple Projectile Delivery System) Centrifuge Weapon (Centrifuge Gun), can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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DREAD Centrifuge Weapon System (Centrifuge Gun). Letters from the Inventor. by

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