Smart Shooter SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems (FCS): Smart Weapon Sight Systems for Kinetically Engaging and Neutralizing Enemy Combatants, Vehicles and Drone Aircraft!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

March 8, 2021

An Israeli company called Smart Shooter Ltd. has a very interesting family of smart weapon sights/combat optics, or “fire control systems” (FCS) for engaging moving targets called SMASH that reminds DefenseReiew (DR) a bit of the TrackingPoint family of smart scopes, but SMASH has its own thing going for it, and it’s worth reviewing. The Smart Shooter SMASH family of fire control systems include the SMASH 2000, SMASH 2000 Plus, SMASH AD, and SMASH X4. There are also two tripod mounting systems available for them, the SMASH HOPPER and SMASH HOPPER LIGHT.

Basically, the SMASH FCS mounts directly on your rifle/carbine’s MIL-STD-1913 “Picatinny” top rail, and the specific SMASH FCS you choose will be dictated by your mission requirements. If you just need a system to target enemy combatants and ground vehicles, you might just want to go with the SMASH 2000. If you also need a counter-UAS (Unmanned Aerial/Aircraft System) capability to kill drone aircraft, then you probably want to go with the SMASH 2000 Plus. If you need a more advanced FCS to “kinetically eliminate” low-flying drones that can communicate with C4I systems, Battle Management Systems and external sensors, go with the SMASH AD. And, finally, if you need a 4X magnified optic to engage long-range moving targets, then the SMASH X4’s for you. It “includes an etched reticle to allow shooting without battery power, as well as “an optional integrated Laser Range Finder (LRF) that enables range measurement both as a user-initiated capability as well as a system input for improved precision. The system integrates Lock-Track-Hit capabilities hitting static and dynamic targets, at complicated shooting conditions, in real tactical scenarios.” Sounds pretty good.

Just like with TrackingPoint, you just identify the target through the optic and lock onto it. The system will automatically track it. Then you just move you reticle to the marked person, vehicle or drone while pulling and holding the trigger, and the system will automatically synchronize the shot release for you as soon as the gun is aimed properly at the target. The computer does all the real work for you. So, you no longer have to be a highly-trained sniper to hit difficult and moving targets. You just have to have a SMASH, and SMASH it.

According to the company, “Smart Shooter was established to develop innovative technologies that help military and law enforcement professionals swiftly and accurately neutralise their targets. Our experienced engineers are committed to that mission, designing, testing and manufacturing our combat-proven SMASH family of fire control systems to beat your opponents and keep your friendly forces safe.” Pretty succint.

Defense Review doesn’t want to bore you with all the details of the various systems, so we’ll just refer you to the videos below.

Company Contact Info:

Smart Shooter Ltd.
Kibbutz Yagur 3006500, Israel
Phone: 972.72.3202111
Fax: 972.72.3202120

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Smart Shooter SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems (FCS): Smart Weapon Sight Systems for Kinetically Engaging and Neutralizing Enemy Combatants, Vehicles and Drone Aircraft! by

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