ROSCH Works (RW) SL1 Sight Light Integrated Weapon Light/Front Sight BUIS: Making the Most of Your AR-15/M4/M4A1 Carbine/SBR’s Tactical Real Estate

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By Mike Pannone

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Photo(s) Credit: Mike Pannone

October 5, 2013

In the quest to put less and less on my rifle and still get the same capabilities, I was glad to see the SL1 Sight Light from my friends at Rosch Works (RW). It is quite simple and self-explanatory in the sense that the housing and mount for the light are the front sight assembly as well. The SL1 comes with an adjustment tool and some blue Loctite. The device slides over the rail, and then is tightened down via two set screws. Adjustments are made via a special tool enclosed, and are friction-resisted, not click or notch-regulated. The beauty of this is that oftentimes the front sight adjustments leave you in between “clicks” on both the front and rear.

This system will allow you to get the zero you want yet achieve the exact sight data you required on the rear sight. My rifle is zeroed for 300yds and I was able to get it perfectly zeroed with the rear sight at the 6/3 setting so elevation adjustments are easy and consistent. The light itself is extremely durably constructed of a 250+ lumen torch with an efficiently focused reflector and a single 123 battery. I am told by Rosch that new tail-caps are in the works to include one that will have a tape switch touch-pad activator. It is not PEQ-compatible, due to the width, but the use of lasers and night vision goggles has a very limited application–and knowing how sharp the guys at Rosch are, I wouldn’t be surprised if a PEQ version wasn’t already on the draft board.

Look at the specs on their website (, but I will give you the essential end-user input from my perspective:

– Zeroing the SL-1 Sight Light was easy. Loosen the screws so there is only friction resistance and then adjust and tighten down. I have not used the Loctite but paint-marked the screws to see if they would walk. In 400+ rounds of hard use I have no backing out whatsoever. I will probably Loctite them at some time but as well as the light is designed I have the latitude to make that decision.
     – I did a test to check repeatability where I loosened and retightened the screws to their paint marks and shot a group each time (4X’s) and it was all one group.
– The SL-1's front-sight post is much thinner than a standard one and allows for a very precise sight orientation on the target and thereby a more precise zero. Another benefit of the smaller width is it makes Bullseye strings much easier due to the size relation of the post to a bull at more extended ranges.
– The SL1 makes the rifle more streamlined and lighter. Even if it’s only an ounce, that’s one less ounce you have to move around. A lighter gun is always faster on presentation and target to target transitions…a little Newton’s Second law at work (F=ma)!


I am extremely happy with the RW SL1 Sight Light in design and actual effectiveness, and have it as my primary light for any carbine that requires light and iron sights. If you carry a light, why not have your sight there, too? It just makes too much sense…kind of a "Why didn’t I think of that?" moment.

Editor's Note: In the accompanying photos provided by the author (Mike Pannone), the Rosch Works SL-1 Sight Light can be seen attached to the supercool and ultra-light new BCM KeyMod Handguard/Rail (KMR) modular rail system/tactical handguard, manufactured by Bravo Company Manufacturing / BCM Rifle Company). DefenseReview (DR) has already published a short heads-up piece on the BCM KMR showing photos of Mr. Pannone running it at the range during what appears to be a CTT Solutions tactical shooting course.

About the Author: Michael Pannone (Mike Pannone) is currently the owner/operator of, and senior instructor for, CTT Solutions, which is a tactical training (including tactical shooting) and consulting firm. He's also an instructor with Alias Training & Security Services, and a certified Colt Armorer. Mr. Pannone is a former operational member of U.S. Marine Force Reconnaissance, U.S. Army Special Forces (SF), and specially selected elements of the Joint Special Operations Command. He has participated in stabilization, combat, and high risk protection operations in support of U.S. policies throughout the word as both an active duty military member, and a civilian contractor. During his military career, Mr. Pannone was the Distinguished Honor Graduate of a Level 1 SOTIC held at Ft Bragg. He currently instructs U.S. military, law enforcement (LE), and private citizens around the country as an adjunct instructor with several different organizations. He can be contacted via e-mail at

The following features and specifications information on the SL1 Sight Light comes directly from the ROSCH Works website:

"SL1 Sight Light

The first integrated weapon light and front sight for the AR15. Simple, rugged, light-weight, practical.


– 250+ lumen LED lighthead co-developed with Gene Malkoff of Malkoff Devices
– Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny rail mount for free-floated frontend top-rail mounting
– 7075 T6 aluminum construction housing for ultimate toughness
– Cerakote over Type III hardcoat anodization for ultimate protection and appearance
– Nitrocarburized steel components for appearance and forever corrosion protection
– Water-resistant, all-weather operation
– Twisty tailcap (always off, momentary on, always on)
– Minimal footprint (< 3.5") and weight (3.2oz with CR123 battery)
– Protected against inserting battery backwards.
– Battery life measured at 50 minutes at full-brightness and declining intensity for hours after.
– Ships with a CR123 battery, a sight elevation adjustment tool, a 5/32" hex key and thread locker
– Made in USA
– Free Shipping

– Saves weight, bulk and cost of separate fixed front sight, weapon light and mount.
– Places the light over the barrel, which casts the least-harmful shadow on the target.
– Places the control switch in the perfect position for natural, ambidextrous operation.
– Rifle stowage is more compact than with side-mounted weapon lights.
– Front-mounted slings are unobstructed on both sides.
– Maximizes field-of-view by minimizing equipment cross-section on the front of the gun.
– Streamlines the front of the gun to avoid hanging up on obstacles.
– Allows full use of the sides and bottom of the forend for steadying the rifle.
– No strobe or intensity modes. Simple operation means it will work as intended when needed!
– Beam is optimized with good throw and spill for outdoors and indoors.
– Plays nice with all red-dot tactical optics.
– Replacement lightheads are also available from the Malkoff Devices website."

Company Contact Info:

Mike Pannone
CTT Solutions

11836 N. Tracey Rd.
Hayden, ID 83835
Email Contact Page:

Malkoff Devices, Inc.
2320 Plaza Drive
Enterprise, Alabama, 36330
Phone: 334-393-3717
Email Contact Page:

Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)
PO Box 341
Hartland, WI 53029
Toll Free: 877-272-8626 (877-BRAVO CO)
Fax: 262-367-0989

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ROSCH Works (RW) SL1 Sight Light Integrated Weapon Light/Front Sight BUIS: Making the Most of Your AR-15/M4/M4A1 Carbine/SBR’s Tactical Real Estate by

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