Strike Industries AR Mega Fins KeyMod Tactical Handguard/Rail System with Rail Accessories for Tactical AR-15 Carbine/Rifles!

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The following is a Strike Industries Press Release:

September 10, 2013


The Strike Industries Mega Fins come is a variety of lengths, each being extremely lightweight 7” (6.8 oz) 9” (7.6 oz) 10” (8.2 oz) 11” (8.8 oz) 12” (9.4 oz) 12.5” (9.8 oz) 15” 10.8 oz). We’ve taken every step to insure our hand guard is ergonomic and supremely light weight without sacrificing durability or quality.

*All weights taken with barrel nut and screws installed

Our Mega Fins rail is named after the “fins” that surround the rifle’s barrel. The purpose of these fins is to help dissipate the heat generated from the rifle barrel. The mega fins features a full 7 sided (heptagonal) keymod system. This translates into full placement of rail sections and furniture at every angle.

The Mega Fins come in 3 colors: Matte Black, FDE, and Urban Grey. The package includes the barrel nut, a set of shims and a barrel nut tool. Whatever your style, whatever your preference, Strike Industries has your covered.

*All weights taken with barrel nut and screws installed


Along with the Megafins come the rail's Keymod accessories. For those who want the lightest possible set up, S.I. has a set of two piece standard polymer 5 section rails. Each polymer rail weights 0.4 oz.

Our 45 degree lines of rails are especially useful with the Mega Fins because of their easy plug-in capabilities. They’re a perfect way to run a magnified sight and a red dot at a 45 degree angle for shorter engagements.

And finally the standard 1913 sections for side and under rail mounting. The come in 9 and 5 sections. The S.I. rail sections are made for our Mega Fins rails but will work with most other KeyMod systems.

Company Contact Info:

Strike Industries (SI)
P.O. Box 28137
Santa Ana, CA 92799
Email Contact Page:

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Strike Industries AR Mega Fins KeyMod Tactical Handguard/Rail System with Rail Accessories for Tactical AR-15 Carbine/Rifles! by

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