New Book on the Tactical Deployment/Employment of Silenced/Sound Suppressed Tactical Firearms: “Tactical Use of Low-Signature Weapons for Military & Police”

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

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December 30, 2010

Silencer/sound suppressor designer/engineer Mark White, M.S. of Sound Technology a.k.a. Sound Tech Silencers fame has written a very interesting book called Tactical Use of Low-Signature Weapons for Military & Police. White most likely wrote the book because he’s spent so much time making muzzle cans, he figured he might as well write about their practical application against the various ans assorted baddies out there–and DefenseReview (DR) is glad he did.

Want to learn about transonic bullet instability? It’s in there. Need information about the practical drawbacks of cold hammer forged barrels? That’s in there, too. There’s even a chapter in there about rifling twist rates. All of these chapters are very interesting and informative, by the way.

Bottom line, this book will answer just about any relevant practical or tactical question you could think to ask or want to know about the tactical deployment of sound suppressors. It’s a good read, and a quick one, making it a “quickie but goodie”.

Tactical Use of Low-Signature Weapons for Military & Police is a very compact 62 pages, but covers a lot of suppressed tactical ballistics ground, nonetheless. While it’s geared for tactical professionals (i.e., military and law enforcement end-users), its also the perfect book for civilian tactical silencer/sound suppressor enthusiasts, and it will take up minimal space on your book shelf!

So, check it out.

Company Contact Info:

Mark White
Straumfjord, LLC
P.O. Box 391
Pelham, AL 35124
[email protected]

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New Book on the Tactical Deployment/Employment of Silenced/Sound Suppressed Tactical Firearms: “Tactical Use of Low-Signature Weapons for Military & Police” by

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