SHOT Show Pics: Gemtech Sound and Signature Suppressors for Tactical Small Arms

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by David Crane

[email protected]

All digital photos contained in this article were taken by, and are the exclusive property of,

, a.k.a. Gemini Technologies, Inc., displayed their line of silencers/sound suppressors at SHOT Show 2005. DefenseReview photographed a number of them, including the HALO(.5.56x45mm), Stormfront (.50 BMG/.50 Caliber), Outback-II (.22 LR).

Here are the pics we shot:…

I’ve fired a good number of rounds through Gemtech suppressors on a host of tactical small arms, including (but not limited to) the M4/M4A1 Carbine, HK MP5 and MP5K submachine guns, and the SIG 552 Commando Subcarbine. I believe I also fired an HK UMP-45 with a Gemtech suppressor attached to it at SWAT Round-Up once, but I can’t remember for certain, at the moment. I lose track, sometimes. Suffice it to say, the Gemtech suppressors I’ve tested have always performed well. Defense Review has never experienced or witnessed any problems of any kind with Gemtech products during any of these firing sessions.

You can contact Gemini Technologies, Inc. (Gemtech) by phone at 208-939-7222, by fax at 208-939-7804, and by email at [email protected]. Ask for Kel Whelan.

SHOT Show Pics: Gemtech Sound and Signature Suppressors for Tactical Small Arms by

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