MaxSight Lenses: Better Combat Vison for Tactical Operators?

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by David Crane

On April 21st (2005), Sporting News published a story
by Stan McNeal about a new line of performance-enhancing contact lenses
designed and developed specifically for athletes, soon to be marketed
and sold under the name "MaxSight". MaxSight contact lenses are the
product of a seven-year development partnership between Nike and Bausch & Lomb.

Currently, the lenses come in three flavors, so to speak:…

amber, gray-green, and night lenses. The amber lenses are designed for
high-speed sports like baseball, football, tennis, etc. They filter out
blue light, which increases contrast and reduces glare, allowing the
athlete to track a fast-moving object better (like a baseball being
pitched, for instance). The gray-green lenses are designed for
stationary sports like golf, and can enhance a golfer’s ability to
better identify changes in the grass (areas of the green). The night
lenses, still being developed, will enhance players’ vision in
low-light conditions.

MaxSight contact lenses are currently being
tested by major league baseball players, as well as a number of college
athletes at the University of Miami (UM) (football, baseball, tennis,
and track). So far, the lenses are receiving some rather rave reviews,
and the athletest that have tried them, won’t give them up.

why is an online tactical technology magazine like DefenseReview
reporting on vision-enhancing contact lenses designed for athletes?
Think about it. If they work for athletes so well, why wouldn’t
MaxSight contact lenses enhance vision/performance for military Special
Operations (SPECOPS) personnel, law enforcement (LE) SWAT/SRT
operators, and military PSD/Security Operators, including long-range
interdiction specialists (snipers)? Professional Mil/LE/PMC operators,
like professional and collegiate athletes, need every advantage they
can get when it comes to vision. Being able to see, locate, identify,
and track the enemy, before the enemy can do the same to you, is
paramount in combat and security operations, so tactical operators of
all types would be advised to at least take a look at MaxSight. When
your involved in urban warfare, tactical operations, or security
operations, every little advantage helps, particularly when you have to
start shooting.

Perhaps, one day, true night vision (NV)/image-intensification (I2)–including the latest color night vision tech,
forward-looking infrared (FLIR) vision, and thermal vision will be
available. Imagine contact lenses that would allow a military, law
enforcement, or private military company (PMC) operator to fast-select
between these three modes, like "Predator" vision. Now, that would
really be something. It would take some serious nanotechnology (and
development dollars), but it’s probably doable–eventually. If we can
think it, we can do it. Maybe the sensor-fusion technology engineers at Raytheon and ITT Industries should give the good folks at Bausch & Lomb a call. I mean, ya’ never know.

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MaxSight Lenses: Better Combat Vison for Tactical Operators? by

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