Beretta 92X F/G Compact 9mm Combat/Tactical Pistol for Concealed Carry (CCW): Up to 31 Rounds On Board! (Video!)

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

October 31, 2020
Last updated on 10/31/20.

While we carry Glock pistols (concealed) here at DefenseReview (DR), primarily the Glock 19 (G19), we’ve also been fans of Beretta pistols ever since we trained with combat/tactical pistol shooting instructor Ernest Langdon at Beretta Tactical Summit 2015. That class was a real eye opener, as Mr. Langdon showed us that we could be very effective with a DA/SA semi-auto pistol in very short order. Anyway, Beretta’s got an interesting new compact 9mm (9mm Parabellum/9x19mm NATO) combat/tactical pistol for CCW called the Beretta 92X, and it’s available in either F (safety) or G (decocker) variants. DR was able to check it out at Shot Show 2020.

The big takeaways of the Beretta 92X F/G Compact 9mm pistol(s) are the improved, lightened trigger pull provided by the D mainspring, a dovetail front sight and blacked out rear sight, an oversized reversible mag (magazine) release button, a rounded trigger guard, a 1911-style Vertec straight pistol grip with straight checkered backstrap, a beveled magwell, and “heavy” checkering on the frontstrap. The Beretta 92X F/G Compact comes with three (3) 15-round magazines, but 21 and 30-round mags are also available. So, you can have up to 31 rounds, or 30+1 rounds, on board for when things get really hairy/scary.

Defense Review’s going to try to get in touch with Mr. Langdon to find out which variant of the Beretta 92X Compact (F or G) he prefers, since we value his professional expertise and judgement. In the meantime, enjoy DR’s video below, from SHOT Show 2020.

Editor’s Note: The Beretta 92X F/G is also available in full-size variants, if that’s your preference.

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Beretta 92X F/G Compact 9mm Combat/Tactical Pistol for Concealed Carry (CCW): Up to 31 Rounds On Board! (Video!) by

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