Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock: 8-Position Rotating AR-15 Buttstock with ‘Spur Catch) for Tactical Armor Plate Carriers!

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

July 7, 2022

A company called Valiant Dynamics (out of Cadillac, Michigan) has designed and developed a rather interesting rifle buttstock for tactical AR’s (AR-15-type carbine/SBR’s) called the EvolvR Combat Stock, and it’s pretty radical in design. As its name implies, the EvolvR features a rotating buttpad that has EIGHT (8) positions. It also sports a patent-pending “spur-catch” to ” grip the shoulder strap of the shooter’s tactical gear or body armor vest – providing superior placement in the pocket of the shoulder.” It’s a novel solution for this purpose, and both telescoping and fixed EvolvR variants are available.

Here’s a little more literature on the EvolvR Combat Stock from the company’s website:

The EvolvR eliminates the need to modify or abandon important marksmanship fundamentals when wearing armor and tactical gear so the user can create a stable position and effectively manage recoil for rapid return to target and faster follow up shots.

By rotating the EvolvR’s butt-pad to 1 of 8 positions, you can find your perfect fit based on your personal comfort, your armor and gear setup, and your personal shooting orientation.

With its slim profile, the EvolvR Combat Stock avoids colliding with your hard armor plate and tactical gear to create the perfect shoulder weld allowing a low profile and a tight, stable shooting position.

Anyway, it’s an intriguing design, and one worth checking out.

Company Contact Info:

Valiant Dynamics
PO Box 189
Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone: 231-342-2065

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Valiant Dynamics EvolvR Combat Stock: 8-Position Rotating AR-15 Buttstock with ‘Spur Catch) for Tactical Armor Plate Carriers! by

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